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Piyush’s Avatar
Piyush Sep 05, 2023 204 views

What should I do? I am not able to decide should i go for abroad studies or iits?

I am a Indian student currently studying in 11th grade. I don't know if i go for US universities (I have 1 - 1.5 yrs, but my profile is too weak.) or I should go for University in my country like IITs which are top unis in my country but the selection is around 1-2%. I really wanted to study...

Ching’s Avatar
Ching Apr 02, 2022 349 views

What do you do when your brain is exhausted after an unpleasant coding session?

I am curious how programmers destress themselves and solve problems when they are stuck.

Samyukta’s Avatar
Samyukta Oct 15, 2020 531 views

Can you describe the education and training path to become an Army doctor in India?

I wanted a brief illustration of the career path (after graduating high school), to become a doctor serving in the army in India. Thanks in advance!
#doctor #career-paths #army #India

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 09, 2020 582 views

Can you describe a situation in which you were supposed to work with a person you didn't like and how you handled it?


Derrick’s Avatar
Derrick Apr 29, 2020 638 views

What career do you recommend for a disabled veteran

What career do you recommend for a disabled Veteran #career-counseling

sinna’s Avatar
sinna Apr 01, 2020 850 views

Career with physics, philosophy, psychology , history or music?

I apologise for how long this post is but, I'm very passionate about physics (especially theoretical like quantum but i do enjoy almost every aspect of physics), music (mostly jazz and classical, but every genre is interesting in its own way), philosophy as well as psychology/neuroscience and...

koray’s Avatar
koray Jan 16, 2018 750 views

What is the benefit of a college degree compared to real life training?

who will have the advantage? someone who spends four years in the work force vs someone who spent 4 years in college to obtain a degree when looking for a career? #college #experience #career-development #career-preparation #working #career-counseling

Fiona’s Avatar
Fiona Mar 07, 2018 702 views

What jobs are available to a student with an Asian Studies BA?

I majored in Asian Studies in college and am graduating soon. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the opportunities out there and am having a hard time narrowing down what I'd like to do. I am interested in religion and have traveled a bit to South Asia. Does anyone have any advice on what to focus in...

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Jan 16, 2018 821 views

I want to be a teacher because I love to interact with people, and kids are easy to understand and it’s great to watch them grow. But can someone give me optimism on the pay, and being able to support a family on the income?

I want to become a teacher, but the pay may not be enough to support a family I might possibly want in the future. #education #teaching #children #working-with-children #salary

Sameer’s Avatar
Sameer Jun 23, 2016 969 views

I have an interest to learn Robotics. I am currently studying my 11th standard and will be finishing off my 12th next year. what would be the next steps towars getting a professional degree in Robotics.

I am an 11th standard student and am very much fascinated by the robotic world. I vision to make a robot one day. But i have no clue where to head and where to land. Could you please guide me #engineering #engineer #robotics #robotics-engineer #autonomous-robots #human-robot-interaction

Helana’s Avatar
Helana May 16, 2016 1115 views

How do I connect with book publishers?

I am an aspiring author looking for publishers, editors, and agents for my upcoming books and I would love to know how to get connected and into the publishing world. #writing #author #publishing

Bhavan’s Avatar
Bhavan May 07, 2016 1061 views

What is the best college for research engineering in India?

I want be a researcher when I grow up! #college #engineering #researcher #career #academic-advising #career-counseling

deepika’s Avatar
deepika May 05, 2016 771 views

now i m studying in 12 i have lots of confusions because my combination is not having much scope it s HEBA WHAT SHOULD I DO NEXT for better job

there is nothing about me ,this question is because it decides my future plz heip me #career #teaching #teacher #educator

Kira’s Avatar
Kira Mar 18, 2018 793 views

How focused is an economics major on fiance/business?

I'm thinking about majoring in Economics, but I have very little interest in going into a career related to Wall Street, the stock market, etc, or continuing on to business school. I'm most interested in economics research in behavioral economics, and some in policy. To what extent would a...

Kerisha’s Avatar
Kerisha Jan 05, 2017 4791 views

I'm a chemical engineering graduate and I hate this degree. I've always wanted to be a doctor and even after doing well at school, i was unable to get a place to study medicine. Now I'm stuck with this degree and I dont know what to do. Please help.

I initially chose chemical engineering as I thought that I could get into the pharmaceutical engineering side of the industry and I knew that they were sought after in the finance sector. Unfortunately my applications haven't worked out and there's no scope for chem eng in pharmaceuticals in...