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I have an interest to learn Robotics. I am currently studying my 11th standard and will be finishing off my 12th next year. what would be the next steps towars getting a professional degree in Robotics.

I am an 11th standard student and am very much fascinated by the robotic world. I vision to make a robot one day. But i have no clue where to head and where to land. Could you please guide me #engineering #engineer #robotics #robotics-engineer #autonomous-robots #human-robot-interaction

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2 answers

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Wael’s Answer

The link below is a list of the best robotics engineering schools in India.


Thank you Sir Zakir H.

Thank you Sir Rakesh S.

Thank you very much for your valuable advice Yagna S.

You are welcome. Wael Al-Rihawi

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Col Sen’s Answer

Hello Sameer,

Great question indeed! Your interest in Robotics is commendable and that requires in-depth understanding of science and engineering. I presume that you are a science student with PCM.

Since the beginning, Robotics has been part of Computer Science/Engineering and taught at senior classes in Engineering (B.Tech/B.E in Computer Science/Engineering) and covered under Artificial Intelligence (AI). But higher level of studies/research is done at Masters level only because lot of background knowledge of a very high caliber is a MUST! But there are students who have done good projects on robotics at UG level itself. Though, I spoke of engineering is the best way to do robotics, it does not mean that there is any limitation to do robotics as a normal student and some people have shown tremendous capabilities in robotics. There are some prodigies too who have shown tremendous knowledge and prowess at a very young age like Rohan Agrawal, Saarang and Easton Lachapple. You can read about them on the net.

So best way to be a Robot specialist, do join a good engineering college in Computer Science/Engineering, preferable in any of the IITs/IISc/NITs or BITs, Pilani, Jadavpur University etc. and then do your MS/M.Tech in Robotics in India/abroad and continue. It has a huge potential. For your BE/B.Tech, you must carry out your research as to which institute is best for you.

All the Best!