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Faraz S.’s Avatar
Faraz S. Jan 15 23 views

After completing my Law graduation, What are my future career options with high potential yields ?

I recently got my graduation degree from my college on completing 5 Year Law course and I am currently pursuing Law Masters Degree with Business Law as my specialization. I have numerous internship experiences including District court, High court, and Canara HSBC Headquarters Gurgaon. I have...

#law-enforcement #law #career #advice #counselling #guidance #career-paths #help

S E.’s Avatar
S E. Jan 12 39 views

What all kinds of options are available after a bachelors in Economics ?

I am in my second year of economics honors course. It is a three year course and I am halfway through. I am completely unsure of the future once I graduate in a year and a half. I, sometime earlier in my second year, considered starting my course over at a different college. Then I felt like...


ajeet K.’s Avatar
ajeet K. May 05, 2016 775 views

I want to be a navy officer, but my family isn't able to pay for my education. How do I get a scholarship?

I want to be a navy officer, but I would need a scholarship to become one. Are there any scholarships available? If so, what are they? #military #police-officer #army #navy #united-states-navy #marine-corps-officer...


Varsha A.’s Avatar
Varsha A. Dec 22, 2020 103 views
Lokesh M.’s Avatar
Lokesh M. Dec 29, 2020 80 views

Hello. I am good at Arts and I also love science. What career do you think suits me?

I have completed my graduation in B.Sc Nonmedical in 2019. I am good at arts and my typing speed is good enough. I have more than 1-year of experience in Data entry but I did not satisfied. Now I am looking for a new skilled and professional carrier and I don't know which one should I...


Aayushi P.’s Avatar
Aayushi P. Dec 15, 2020 127 views

I want to drop out from college and wanna do something else. Should i go for it?

I have completed 2 years of my college,3 more were left but now i have started to realise that this is not the career for me, what should i do? #career #colleges #dropout #career-choice #career-advice...


Lakshay L.’s Avatar
Lakshay L. Dec 17, 2020 92 views

I have no money plese give a job

Plese request to you...


Shelly S.’s Avatar
Shelly S. Oct 14, 2017 696 views

How do I pursue a career path from Computer Science to Economics?

I have 5 year experience in casino gaming industry as a software developer. I have interest in Probability and Statistics . Also , I want to study Economics in my MS . What is the career path for a person having experience in computer Science and pursuing Economics in MS ? Will I be able to...

#career-path #economics #career-paths #college #computer-science #computerscience

Inderjeet K.’s Avatar
Inderjeet K. May 10, 2016 585 views

Software engineer

i want to become software engineer. what should i have to do after 10th please guide me #professional #educator #programming...


Rajat A.’s Avatar
Rajat A. Jul 20, 2020 109 views

What Are The Requirments To Study In USA After 10th class For A Indian Student

I want to study in USA after 10th class so what are the process and visa details. Which Paper Should I give my uncle lives there for my accommodation. #students...


Rajat A.’s Avatar
Rajat A. Sep 26, 2020 119 views

Which Visa Is Required For An Indian Student To Study In USA

My Uncle Lives In Seattle With H- 1B Visa. So Which Visa Will Be Required For Me And What Are The Tests That Must Be Give To Study From 11th Grade In USA,Seattle. #student-development #students...


Md. A.’s Avatar
Md. A. Sep 29, 2020 74 views
Vanshika B.’s Avatar
Vanshika B. Jun 08, 2019 302 views
Rajat A.’s Avatar
Rajat A. Jun 18, 2020 243 views

Which Career Options Are good for me

I am interested in computers and specially in coding and have good interest in hardware also and I also like travelling. In Future I want to do job and business both. #technology #information-technology...


ad K.’s Avatar
ad K. Sep 25, 2017 630 views

What is the best college major for non traditional student willing to do an mba in future?

I am 27 yrs old and dropped out of college after sophomore year due to financial trouble, since I have been working and now I am Financially secure I want to restart my career, I plan on returning to my state school Oklahoma, which would be a suitable major for me as,(I could not do a #hard...

#college-major #mba #career-counseling

samya C.’s Avatar
samya C. Jul 21, 2020 106 views

Can a lawyer or IS officer become an actor

i want to be an actor since my childhood but don't have the links to get into bollywood and getting into bollywood is not easy until you hold some can i become an IS officer or Ciminal defence lawyer and then become an actor on the basis of my links in it possible ?im...

#theatre #actor

David C.’s Avatar
David C. Oct 24, 2016 436 views

How hard was it find a job after graduating college/university with a computer science degree?

I want to major in computer science, but will I be able to find a job in my major? #computer-science...


sumit R.’s Avatar
sumit R. May 03, 2016 758 views

How do I join the army?

My name is Sumit in 9th class. My aim is to become commando in the army because I would love to serve my nation, but i haven't received any guidance how on to achieve my aim of life. #college...


Balram B.’s Avatar
Balram B. Apr 28, 2016 733 views

How do I become a Software Engineer ?

I am in 10th Class and i love to work on diffrent Projects releted to computers. I have design Websites, Blogs, Youtube Channel and Mobile App. #engineer #software-engineering #computer-software...


RUBEN V.’s Avatar
RUBEN V. Feb 28, 2014 1016 views

how can i become a startup ?????

hi am ruben ... am persuing my Btech degree on mechanical production engineering...2nd year..suddenly a passion for enterpernuership and start up came to my mind ...i have no idea on this startup possibile only if i know programming...what ol things as a bigginer should i have to...

#kerala #enterprise #cad #startups #career #student #engineering #entrepreneurship

ajeet K.’s Avatar
ajeet K. Apr 29, 2016 679 views

I want to become a NAVY officer so what I do for it? And my family background is bad so ask me how to get scholarship? Please tell me scholarship programs.

I am in 9th class please tell me how could a NAVY officer. And my family background is bad so ask me how to get scholarship? Please tell me scholarship programs. #police #airline-industry #air-force...


Rajat A.’s Avatar
Rajat A. Jun 18, 2020 192 views

How Can I Become A Hacker

Which Courses Are There And What Are The Qualifications Needed For Joining The Course And What Is the Average Salary Of A Hacker (Black Hat).#hacking #technology...


Rajat A.’s Avatar
Rajat A. Jun 19, 2020 121 views

What Is The Course Of Hacking.

Name The Course Of Hacking and some institutes of it in Seattle...


samya C.’s Avatar
samya C. Jul 21, 2020 181 views

Can a lawyer or IS officer become an actor

is it possible ???,,,,i'm interetsed in acting and can become an actor if i become an is officer its not like i want to be an is officer but atleast i will be successful and will be rich enough thats what we want but once in my life i want to pursue in acting so do IS officer have the links to...

#film-acting #actor #july #ias

Chahat N.’s Avatar
Chahat N. Dec 08, 2019 147 views

If we have arts then which jobs can we aplly

Which #art jobs can we apply by...

Shubham K.’s Avatar
Shubham K. May 06, 2020 150 views

What is CarrerVillage. org

I am enthusiastic, hardworking, #creative , deep...

Khushboo J.’s Avatar
Khushboo J. Jan 02, 2020 126 views

I am looking forward for opting forensics science as a profession. And i need guidance regarding this.

I will be completing my Masters in Biotechnology. And i have a keen interest in studying human anatomy, physiology. #biology #forensic...


Priyanka G.’s Avatar
Priyanka G. Jan 21, 2020 187 views

Although badminton won’t be the sole reason for my admission in Stanford if it happens , will it be at least helpful to a certain extent

As it is a club sport and i will have a chance to play there and in some of the competitions they participate in, will badminton have atleast some contribution to my resume or not? #badminton#stanford #resume #career...


Rajat A.’s Avatar
Rajat A. Jun 25, 2020 322 views

Can A Commerce Without Maths Student Opt For CEH course

What Are The Early Education Qualification Needed For Opting Hacking Course. #hacking #it...


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