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Career Questions tagged Public Administration

Nupur’s Avatar
Nupur Sep 12 96 views

Policy anylast

So I am a first year public administration student and want to become a policy anylast I am also learning french so now, what should I do?, which skills should I develop?, how do I get intership after completing my first year? .

Laycie’s Avatar
Laycie Feb 20 197 views

Social work vs social service ?

i’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this but, If i’m looking to go into social work, what’s the difference between a public administration and social service major vs a social work, general? and which one should i take? because i’ve seen both of those pop up when doing my research.

NICHOLE’s Avatar
NICHOLE Jun 10, 2022 323 views

Master's Program help appreciated

Hello everyone! I'm new here and am hoping to get some answers. I am enrolled at SNHU to get my bachelor's in human services concentration in substance abuse and a minor in organizational leadership. I plan on getting a master's after I'm done with my bachelor's. I started my educational...

Deana’s Avatar
Deana Apr 26, 2017 8961 views

Master's in Public Administration vs Master's in Social Work

I plan to get my bachelor's degree in social work with a focus on community organization and nonprofit managment. I want to work with nonprofit programs and government programs in the future, and I would on e day love to start my own nonprofit organization. Would it be more beneficial for me to...

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Jun 22, 2016 1590 views

What can someone do with a minor of Public administration and a major in Anthropology?

I am studying these two subjects and is planning to graduate June of 2017. #business #management #government #anthropology #nonprofits #non-profits #public-sector #public-administration