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Mananya Jan 03 1263 views

Where can I find online high school student internships for CS ?

Where can I find economically feasible internships(online) for high school students which are computer science oriented, which teach new stuff alongside helping me enhance my soft skills.

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Mananya Dec 23, 2023 627 views

From where should I study for AP CSA?

As a 16 year old from India, I do not wish to take classes for this subject because they are not aligning with my school examination schedule. So are there any free resources on the web from where I can prep for this exam (like Khan academy for SAT)?

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Mananya Dec 22, 2023 924 views

What should I do to get into a good university for Computer Sciences?

I am a 16 year old from India and I want to pursue a career in AI and machine learning. I have taken up a course to give me some beforehand knowledge about the same, but now I wish to make projects of my interest. This might be the right time to state that I do NOT know a lot about coding in...