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What is the benefit of a college degree compared to real life training?

Updated Houston, Texas

who will have the advantage? someone who spends four years in the work force vs someone who spent 4 years in college to obtain a degree when looking for a career? #college #experience #career-development #career-preparation #working #career-counseling

2 answers

Brian’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Great question - it will often depend on the filed you are entering. Some may require a degree of some sort or require a specific degree. Other fields may be more interested in your capabilities that you've displayed through high school or your work experiences. I'd suggest you first decide on the area in which you want to get involved, then you can decide if a degree is required or helpful.

Col Sen’s Answer

Updated New Delhi, Delhi, India

Hello Mr. Koray,

Great question indeed! I also had similar kind of dilemma when I was about to pass out from my school. In India those days, we were following age old British colonial education system which was developed to meet the manpower requirements of Raj! It produced more of white collared and some blue collard professionals and we use to look for government jobs only. That system has an anathema towards artisans and such vocations. In fact, till date manual labour draws low wages then graduates. Thus, it was an obvious choice for us who could afford higher education. But fortunately for you, it's not so.

Before I proceed, I would like to know what kind of professional advice you are looking for? what kind of background you have in terms of schooling etc? If you are you a top grader in terms of GPA or so, then you may look for college/university for your graduation or professional degree or diploma. So far is pay is concerned, a young boy who can crack into a secure network by hacking, who may not have any formal education in computers, would command a very high salary then that of a top of the line graduate from Ivy league. So the answer is neither a straight 'Yes nor a No', but it has various shades.

on the other hand, there are professions which fetches high salary by being in the field rather than those who comes out after graduation from a college. A footballer or basketball player need not go to the college to secure his position in NBA. But if a person wants his career in finance would need get higher pay if he comes out from a college with 4 years of formal education.

So you have to be specific about your career choice and then possibly a better and informed advice can be rendered. All the very Best!