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Career Questions tagged Ias

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Harrish M. Jan 09 167 views

which is the best and most benefit degree for IAS and for future



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Aaron M. Dec 03, 2020 109 views

How would i go about getting a job in a union

I want to become a carpenter but i dont have a lot of training my future goal is to become a union carpenter...


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samya C. Jul 21, 2020 582 views

Can a lawyer or IS officer become an actor

is it possible ???,,,,i'm interetsed in acting and can become an actor if i become an is officer its not like i want to be an is officer but atleast i will be successful and will be rich enough thats what we want but once in my life i want to pursue in acting so do IS officer have the links to...

july actor film-acting ias

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abhishek B. May 03, 2016 1573 views

How can I become a IAS police officer?

im in interest in public service.i want to control corruption. ias...


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shalika U. May 25, 2016 686 views

I want to know the responsibility of an IAS officer and about the administration of our country

I want to serve my country and i want to earn good money and lead a happy life in about 15 to 20 years I want to become a IAS officer and earn good money and take good care of my parents i score good marks in science and mathematics we have got options to chose in ninth and i want to know...

india career ias

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archana M. May 03, 2016 917 views
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Shreya A. Apr 29, 2016 1121 views

I want to become an IAS Officer. Which stream should I go for?

My elders say that Arts steam is suitable for IAS but Arts does not provide many career options and I do not have much knowledge about this stream. I don't know what one has to study in this stream. More than that I am quite good at science. I get above 95 in this subject. Till now I have...


Sakthi S.’s Avatar
Sakthi S. Apr 27, 2016 1411 views

I want to become a IAS officer. What should I do after 12 std? Which course should I choose in college?

I refer some books also, any other classes I have to attend or what to do itself. college counselling ias...


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Raja K. May 05, 2016 884 views

How do I become an IAS officer?

I'd like to know what courses I should take after my 10th standard in order to become an IAS officer. government military army ias...


chinnappadas S.’s Avatar
chinnappadas S. May 03, 2016 869 views

How do I become an IAS officer?

I want to become an IAS officer and would love to know the types of course I should be taking to do so. ias government military education career college...


manu V.’s Avatar
manu V. May 03, 2016 898 views

How do I become an IAS officer?

I'm interested in serving as an IAS officer. Which subjects should I study in school to become one? educator ias career military government...


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swetha S. May 03, 2016 562 views
jayaprasad yadav K.’s Avatar
jayaprasad yadav K. May 02, 2016 785 views

How do I become an IAS Officer?

I'm interested in learning how to become an IAS Officer in India. police IAS military...


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Shilpa O. Apr 27, 2016 700 views

How do I become an IAS Officer?



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Prabhavathi R. Apr 27, 2016 641 views
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saikumar P. Jun 23, 2016 622 views
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ANTONY W. Jun 22, 2016 874 views

How to prepare for the IAS Exam

I want to became a IAS officer how to prepare the exam? police ias...


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Ankitha G. Jun 22, 2016 602 views

i want to become IAS? what course i to take?

I wanted to be district commissioner for my district to solve the problems and do the social work professor ias...


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shahid A. Jun 03, 2016 693 views