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Career Questions tagged Ias

Harrish’s Avatar
Harrish Jan 09, 2021 284 views

which is the best and most benefit degree for IAS and for future

#DEGREE #benefits

lakshman’s Avatar
lakshman Jan 06, 2021 274 views

how to become a detective

#k-12-education #ias #secondary-education

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Dec 03, 2020 221 views

How would i go about getting a job in a union

I want to become a carpenter but i dont have a lot of training my future goal is to become a union carpenter #ias

samya’s Avatar
samya Jul 21, 2020 952 views

Can a lawyer or IS officer become an actor

is it possible ???,,,,i'm interetsed in acting and can become an actor if i become an is officer its not like i want to be an is officer but atleast i will be successful and will be rich enough thats what we want but once in my life i want to pursue in acting so do IS officer have the links to...

saikumar’s Avatar
saikumar Jun 23, 2016 723 views

i wanted to be a IPS officer? which examination i must take?

wanted to go in police department and solve the local problems and corruption #police #police-officer #ias #ips #police-academy

ANTONY ’s Avatar
ANTONY Jun 22, 2016 992 views

How to prepare for the IAS Exam

I want to became a IAS officer how to prepare the exam? #police #ias #ips

Ankitha’s Avatar
Ankitha Jun 22, 2016 698 views

i want to become IAS? what course i to take?

I wanted to be district commissioner for my district to solve the problems and do the social work #professor #ias #officers

shahid’s Avatar
shahid Jun 03, 2016 823 views

if i take science in my 1st PU can i become an IAS officer

i wanted to know what is important to become an IAS officer easily #ias #expert #officer

shalika’s Avatar
shalika May 26, 2016 800 views

I have opted for home science as an optional subject in ninth standard I want to know if it's a good option to choose home science as an optional subject?

I want to become an IAS officer in about 15 years and lead a happy life!!!!!!!!!!! #home-science #ias #career #course-selection

shalika’s Avatar
shalika May 25, 2016 840 views

I want to know the responsibility of an IAS officer and about the administration of our country

I want to serve my country and i want to earn good money and lead a happy life in about 15 to 20 years I want to become a IAS officer and earn good money and take good care of my parents i score good marks in science and mathematics we have got options to chose in ninth and i want to know...

nandini’s Avatar
nandini May 23, 2016 767 views

How do I prepare to become an IAS officer?

#ias #government #military

Raja’s Avatar
Raja May 05, 2016 1014 views

How do I become an IAS officer?

I'd like to know what courses I should take after my 10th standard in order to become an IAS officer. #government #military #army #ias #career

chinnappadas’s Avatar
chinnappadas May 03, 2016 1004 views

How do I become an IAS officer?

I want to become an IAS officer and would love to know the types of course I should be taking to do so. #ias #government #military #education #career #college #career-counseling

abhishek’s Avatar
abhishek May 03, 2016 1880 views

How can I become a IAS police officer?

im in interest in public service.i want to control corruption. #ias #educated

archana’s Avatar
archana May 03, 2016 1019 views

With a major in commerce, is it possible to become an IAS officer?

Currently i am pursuing 1st PUC Commerce and my ambition is to become an IAS officer. #educator #ias #career #military #government

swetha’s Avatar
swetha May 03, 2016 679 views

How do I become an IAS officer?

My dream is to become an IAS officer. How do I become one?

#ias #career #military #government #college

jayaprasad yadav’s Avatar
jayaprasad yadav May 02, 2016 1131 views

How do I become an IAS Officer?

I'm interested in learning how to become an IAS Officer in India. #police #IAS #military #government

Shreya’s Avatar
Shreya Apr 29, 2016 1233 views

I want to become an IAS Officer. Which stream should I go for?

My elders say that Arts steam is suitable for IAS but Arts does not provide many career options and I do not have much knowledge about this stream. I don't know what one has to study in this stream. More than that I am quite good at science. I get above 95 in this subject. Till now I have...

Shilpa’s Avatar
Shilpa Apr 27, 2016 824 views

How do I become an IAS Officer?


Prabhavathi’s Avatar
Prabhavathi Apr 27, 2016 742 views

Any advice if I wanted to be an IAS officer?

to be a good officer and solve the India problem #ias #officer

Sakthi’s Avatar
Sakthi Apr 27, 2016 1572 views

I want to become a IAS officer. What should I do after 12 std? Which course should I choose in college?

I refer some books also, any other classes I have to attend or what to do itself. #college #counselling #ias #giving-advice