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Sofia A. Jul 01, 2018 191 views

If you only have advanced and ACE classes in high school does it still look good if you want to enter FBI?

I have all my classes Advanced and ACE I want to know if it’s good and impressive enough to get a scholarship and for the FBI I also take phycology class and know three languages #high-school #internships #expert...


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Dorcas H. May 05, 2016 439 views
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Alexander V. Nov 11, 2016 387 views

What kind of high school classes do I need to take to het in to a computer tech school?

I want to take a class for computer technology and I don't know what to do I am taking a class called Microsoft is this the choice for me if I want to be a computer technician get back to me soon thx 😜...


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priyanka J. Jun 23, 2016 415 views

i want to become a psychiartic? which course i must take after PUC?

i wanted go to medical field to help the mental ability peoples #doctor #professor #surgeon...


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Shakuan F. Jun 04, 2016 819 views

How does one become an expert in their field of work? (Maybe provide specific tips!)

As college students, we recognize that we must be distinguishable in our field, but many of us, especially those who are first-generation college students, are unsure of how to do so. Please expand on what individuals can do to become more experienced other than doing internships and working in...

#first-generation #expert #career #careers #mathematics

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shahid A. Jun 03, 2016 494 views

if i take science in my 1st PU can i become an IAS officer

i wanted to know what is important to become an IAS officer easily #ias #expert...


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Srishti K. May 31, 2016 457 views

I am unable to decide my career

I told everyone that I want to be an IAS officer. But I don't want to be that now. I am confused a lot. I want to take science ahead. But some say that take arts bcoz it is tough so I am confused what to take ?????? Plzzzzzzz help me #expert #experienced...


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pramodh G. May 26, 2016 366 views


Because to became a good docter...


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Ashok S. May 23, 2016 390 views

Can one can get scholarship in European, American and Asian University without ILETS, TOEFL, SAT in engineering sector?

I have completed my 12th grade recently and I am searching for the opportunity to read in scholarship. #engineering #engineer #professor...


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Kruthi P. May 21, 2016 571 views

whats the criteria for becoming a journalist ?

i want to become a journalist .i am actually confused to take up which course.. #journalist #expert...


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Damilola I. May 16, 2016 393 views
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Shravani N. Apr 12, 2016 613 views

I wanted to be a software engineer, which subject to be taken?

i wanted to work in software firm i am interested more in software development #engineer #educator #software...


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Rohan P. Mar 09, 2016 527 views

Difference between Computer engineering and Information technology in deep

Is this possible for a computer engineer to do all the stuffs that IT engineer can do ? In my mind im considering that computer engineer can do many stuffs that IT engineer can't..isn't it? Whoever is reading this post just give me a quick reply.. #engineer #computer #it...


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Rashane H. Jul 31, 2015 522 views

Mechanical engineering

Hey! I'm a senior in High school right now, am interested in Mechanical engineering and what school do i have to go to in Massachusetts ? what degrees do i have to have ? #mechanical #cars #expert...


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Emma S. May 12, 2015 886 views

How much does a photographer make a year?

I'm thinking of being one #money #photography #salary #expert...