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Career Questions tagged Expert

joshua’s Avatar
joshua 2 days ago 60 views

As an electrician what educational routes would you take?

Are colleges a better route than an apprenticeship?

Kaylie’s Avatar
Kaylie May 24, 2021 449 views

As a chef how do you mange memorizing recipes? time management skills? customers?

Im a high school student that is working on a project for a class. I have questions on how a professional chef deal with recipes, customers and etc.

#culinary #cooking #chef #expert

Navya’s Avatar
Navya May 09, 2021 1001 views

how to become a pilot?

if I study in India till 10th standard and want to complete junior and senior high school in the united states. name some schools and colleges that are best? what courses to take in school and college to become? #expert

Shivansh’s Avatar
Shivansh Apr 28, 2021 290 views

I just passed my 10th Boards . Confused to take decision for further

#educator #professionals #professional #expert

tanishka’s Avatar
tanishka Apr 10, 2021 481 views

how will i know what i want to become

i am student of class 10th. neither too good nor too bad in studies. i haven't choose till know what i want to become. all of my family members are asking me what i want to become , bit still i don't know.. i think i can take commerce in 11th. i can say that i am a good speaker, listener, and...

Tauriannah’s Avatar
Tauriannah Mar 23, 2021 228 views

What class should I take if I want to go to school for hair?

#classes #expert I do good hair and want to get even better

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Feb 24, 2021 243 views

If I don't take AICE Test, How would that appear to college?

I am a senior in high school. I have already been accepted to college. I have 1 AICE Cambridge Class. I will not get the Cambridge certificate. I was placed in this class because my high school had no where else to place me. This class is a 6 point class. It is also the only class I have...

savannah’s Avatar
savannah Oct 30, 2020 422 views

What classes do I need to take to become a Registered Nurse?

#expert #nursing #classes #school

Grayson’s Avatar
Grayson Oct 27, 2020 255 views

What degree do I need to become a police officer?

I want to know how long I need in school to become an officer. #student #expert

Amit’s Avatar
Amit Jul 29, 2020 330 views

How should i approach the firm as grower as well as marketing personnel as both are two different side type of work?

I want to learn the marketing skills as for a business to be sucessful marketing is one of the most important thing.
I want to learn the details of vertical farming as a grower as a want to start my own farm
#business #expert

Laureale’s Avatar
Laureale Jul 03, 2020 359 views

What is an expert witness?

#expert #witness #forensic #psychology

Sofia’s Avatar
Sofia Jul 01, 2018 464 views

If you only have advanced and ACE classes in high school does it still look good if you want to enter FBI?

I have all my classes Advanced and ACE I want to know if it’s good and impressive enough to get a scholarship and for the FBI I also take phycology class and know three languages #high-school #internships #expert #experienced

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander Nov 11, 2016 665 views

What kind of high school classes do I need to take to het in to a computer tech school?

I want to take a class for computer technology and I don't know what to do I am taking a class called Microsoft is this the choice for me if I want to be a computer technician get back to me soon thx 😜 #expert

priyanka’s Avatar
priyanka Jun 23, 2016 635 views

i want to become a psychiartic? which course i must take after PUC?

i wanted go to medical field to help the mental ability peoples #doctor #professor #surgeon #expert

Shakuan’s Avatar
Shakuan Jun 04, 2016 1202 views

How does one become an expert in their field of work? (Maybe provide specific tips!)

As college students, we recognize that we must be distinguishable in our field, but many of us, especially those who are first-generation college students, are unsure of how to do so. Please expand on what individuals can do to become more experienced other than doing internships and working in...

shahid’s Avatar
shahid Jun 03, 2016 838 views

if i take science in my 1st PU can i become an IAS officer

i wanted to know what is important to become an IAS officer easily #ias #expert #officer

Srishti’s Avatar
Srishti May 31, 2016 680 views

I am unable to decide my career

I told everyone that I want to be an IAS officer.
But I don't want to be that now.
I am confused a lot. I want to take science ahead. But some say that take arts bcoz it is tough so I am confused what to take ??????
Plzzzzzzz help me
#expert #experienced #guidelines

pramodh’s Avatar
pramodh May 26, 2016 635 views


Because to became a good docter #expert

Ashok’s Avatar
Ashok May 23, 2016 677 views

Can one can get scholarship in European, American and Asian University without ILETS, TOEFL, SAT in engineering sector?

I have completed my 12th grade recently and I am searching for the opportunity to read in scholarship. #engineering #engineer #professor #expert

Kruthi’s Avatar
Kruthi May 21, 2016 903 views

whats the criteria for becoming a journalist ?

i want to become a journalist .i am actually confused to take up which course.. #journalist #expert #reporter

Damilola’s Avatar
Damilola May 16, 2016 675 views

Top ten things an international student needs to know before getting started?

College student #expert

Dorcas’s Avatar
Dorcas May 05, 2016 732 views

What classes are best to take in high school for someone who wants to be a doctor?

I want to make sure that I'm taking the right classes. #expert #doctor #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare #hospitals #health #healthcare

Shravani’s Avatar
Shravani Apr 12, 2016 973 views

I wanted to be a software engineer, which subject to be taken?

i wanted to work in software firm
i am interested more in software development #engineer #educator #software #expert

Rohan’s Avatar
Rohan Mar 09, 2016 1249 views

Difference between Computer engineering and Information technology in deep

Is this possible for a computer engineer to do all the stuffs that IT engineer can do ? In my mind im considering that computer engineer can do many stuffs that IT engineer can't..isn't it? Whoever is reading this post just give me a quick reply.. #engineer #computer #it #expert

Rashane’s Avatar
Rashane Jul 31, 2015 756 views

Mechanical engineering

Hey! I'm a senior in High school right now, am interested in Mechanical engineering and what school do i have to go to in Massachusetts ? what degrees do i have to have ? #mechanical #cars #expert #master

Emma’s Avatar
Emma May 12, 2015 1190 views

How much does a photographer make a year?

I'm thinking of being one #money #photography #salary #expert #camera