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Difference between Computer engineering and Information technology in deep

Is this possible for a computer engineer to do all the stuffs that IT engineer can do ? In my mind im considering that computer engineer can do many stuffs that IT engineer can't..isn't it? Whoever is reading this post just give me a quick reply.. #engineer #computer #it #expert

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Seth Daniel’s Answer

This will vary from school to school, so READ THE COURSE DESCRIPTIONS AND LEARNING OUTCOMES for majors like 'computer engineering', 'software engineering', 'management information systems' and the like very carefully. I worked as a career counselor at a college with large IT, Computer Science and Information Systems majors, and at our school the general breakdown was that Computer Engineering = Hardware, Computer Science/Software Engineering = Programming, Information Systems/IT = Technology Management. That said, you can use elective units outside of your major, or use a minor, to fill in any blanks in your background.

Seek out the help of an adviser in the academic department where those majors are located, and they can provide details on exactly what kinds of jobs graduates can compete for in each major. Unfortunately, the names used for majors in technology vary so much that you need to get into the nitty gritty course content for each one to determine what interests you the most.

Thanks for your guidance, Sir Rohan P.

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