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francisco’s Avatar
francisco Jan 26, 2018 682 views

Should I stay with my job or find a new one?

I've been working lately for this company online, but they are "rude and unpleasant". I wanna get a job where it's not as shady to work with people, but it would mean that I would work for less. #career-counseling

Daija’s Avatar
Daija May 09, 2016 1000 views

How do I go about getting my college in mind do recognize me ?

I am planning ahead for my future in college and would love to learn more about the application process. #college #college-admissions #college-advice #higher-education #career

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Dec 17, 2017 1101 views

Is pursuing a master's degree or higher worth it?

I currently pursuing my Bachelor's degree in environmental sciences, and I originally was going to pursue a master's and a Ph.D. after its completion. However, in speaking to advisors, classmates and a couple of individuals in related fields, I have become hesitant about my original plan. With...

Jeffrey’s Avatar
Jeffrey Jan 17, 2018 850 views

What gpa do you need to have to get into a nursing program

I'm thinking about majoring in nursing
#nursing-schools #nursing #higher-education

Maggie’s Avatar
Maggie Jan 16, 2018 617 views

What happens if I regret my college major?

I am interested in both #political-science and #music-education, but they are two very different majors and career paths. I am afraid that if I commit to one, I will regret my choice later in life. #college-major

Isabel’s Avatar
Isabel Sep 01, 2017 761 views

What is the best way to get into graduate school?

I would like to get into graduate school eventually and need to know the steps I need to take. #gradschool #higher-education #graduate-school

kamryn’s Avatar
kamryn May 16, 2016 953 views

For an introverted individual, is it a good idea to request three roommates?

I am shy and find it easy to stay to myself, but I would like to make new friends at my university. Is rooming with three other people a good way to make, at least, a few good friends, or should I make friends through another alternative? #friends #college #higher-education #education #career...

Kelly’s Avatar
Kelly Oct 30, 2016 824 views

Would STEM extend to teaching these disciplines?

I enjoy math and education. One of the things that interest me is teaching Math. #teacher #math #higher-education

Marc’s Avatar
Marc Oct 03, 2017 835 views

HOw does one work towards becoming an admissions counselor and or academic advisor?

I am working currently and belatedly on my bachelor's degree in psychology and education at SUNY Old westbury as an adult transfer student. But my REAL passion is and has been for a long time now, to work towards helping young people find the college of their choice and get into exciting degree...

Layten’s Avatar
Layten Sep 01, 2017 691 views

How can I maximize my education and opportunities in college and apply them to life after college>

#college #real-world #opportunities #higher-education

Tayden’s Avatar
Tayden Sep 01, 2017 850 views

Whats the best pathway to take?

I'm planning on going to Dixie state and i hope my credits transfer to BYU but im planning on getting a bachelors in business. I will start it at Dixie and finish at BYU. Is this a smart decision? #higher-education

Esther’s Avatar
Esther May 16, 2016 5803 views

Can you minor in nursing and major in psychology?

I have no interest in becoming a doctor or in the medical field really, but my family is pressuring me to do something in it so I have opted to do what I want but with a little of their influence hence the nursing. #college #psychology #nursing #healthcare #higher-education #hospital-and-health-care

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel May 18, 2016 908 views

Do most hospitals only hire nurses with a bachelors, or are associates degrees accepted also?

I have heard that in the contiguous US, it is really hard to get a job as a nurse with only an associates degree in that field. #college #nurse #healthcare #career-counseling #health #hospital #bachelors-degree #associates-degree

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon May 19, 2016 664 views

When pursuing a major in Psychology, is earning a Doctorate in this particular field where the actual jobs come in?

I've always been interested in the field of Psychology, and I was thinking of taking that up as a minor. So while weighing my options, it was only natural that I question what degree is required to reap the greatest opportunities. #college #psychology #higher-education #medical-education

Ilana’s Avatar
Ilana May 20, 2016 1098 views

The most exciting part of research to me is going out in the field and working with animals and in the environment, but I'm concerned that in my career I'll get stuck analyzing data and not doing field work. Any advice?

I'm going into Ecology & Environmental Biology and I love working with animals on the field and studying animal cognition in the wild or at a sanctuary. However, it seems to me that professionals in biology often spend their time analyzing data in the lab or writing grants, which I would fine...