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Current student at Otterbein University; studying Environmental Sciences, minoring in Religion and Sustainability.

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Posted on Dec 02, 2017

I want to work within the Environmental/Sustainability or Conservation Field, preferably in the Midwest Region.

Context: I am currently somewhere between a Junior and Senior at Otterbein University, studying Environmental Sciences. I am a great passion for the Environment, the world around us, and I have a particular fascination with pollinators. I am also very interested in help everyone to the best of my abilities and trying to find ways to connect and make things better for everyone. I am interested in a career in the Environmental/Conservation sector because that is where I have spent so much of my focus and what I am fond of.
College: I am in attendance at Otterbein University, I am currently on my third year here. I am majoring in Environmental Sciences, minoring in both Sustainability and Religion. I originally came to this university to pursue the Zoo and Conservation Sciences degree, however, I found that it was too focused on training for working IN zoos. Which was not quite my intent, I instead wished to explore the field of Conservation and Environmental Issues as a whole. I have a great interest in the environment and helping the planet to the best of my abilities.
Other Education: Certifications Obtained: 40-Hour H.A.Z.W.O.P.E.R. Certification O.S.H.A. 10-Hour Construction Safety and Health Training ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Certifications Pursuing: Van Sant Leadership Certificate (Otterbein Specific) Cardinal Cards (Otterbein Specific) Volunteer Pollinator Specialist Volunteer Naturalist Certification GIS Certification -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also plan to attend graduate school after obtaining my degree from Otterbein University, however I have not narrowed my selection of schools quite yet. Any recommendations would be appreciated!
Activities: Volunteering: Ohio Glass Museum - I mostly helped out in the front office and gift shop; organizing previous years data on events, manning the register and answering phones. Community Garden (Otterbein University) - I have helped out in the community garden in both the Pollinator Garden section and during events such as the Fall Festival. Crossroads Christian Academy: I was a tutor and mentor for the high school students, mostly for the sciences, as well as being a teacher's aide during the days that students did not meet for the sciences. Educational Directions: They are a tutoring service, I volunteered to help students in the sciences. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clubs: Ecology and Conservation Association - Co-Founder and Historian Plan-it Earth - Member Otterbein Animal and Conservation Club - Pollinator Garden Project Leader Student Government - Commuter Senator Campus Climate and Regulations Committee - Chair (and Secretary) Sustainability Committee - Student Representative -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Study Abroad: May 2018 - Costa Rica (Sustainable Agriculture) June 2018 - Ecuador (Field Geology)
Job Experience: N/A
Soft Skills: - Active Listener - Critical Thinking - Artistic Sense - Observer - Courteous - Dependable - Desire to Learn - Rules Oriented - Honest - Patience
Hard Skills: - GIS - Environmental Science - Computer Skills - Biology - Geology
Other: N/A

icon-country-tagsUnited States of America, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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