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What sorts of activities could I be involved in outside of University and Internships that would improve my resume?

I know that there are a range of options that are supposed to be available to students at university in order to help them begin to get involved in their field of choice, however, I have had a hard time finding internships, research or work through my university. What are some other options for a student to gain experience outside of university or internships? #internships #university #resume #resume-building

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4 answers

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Lakeshia’s Answer

While an accounting student, I obtained a position as a teller at a local credit union. I learned a great deal, developed time-management skills, enhanced my resume, etc. I also volunteered within my community at the local food bank, local society for certified public accountants, youth homes, church, etc. Those experiences were rewarding and they helped me (1) develop valuable skills (2) network, and (3) enhance my resume. I certainly believe those experiences not only helped me differentiate myself as a candidate for internships and employment, but also empowered me to become a stronger asset to my employer.

Thank you so much! Thus far I had been told that my volunteering didn't really count towards anything more than skill development. This was very helpful, thank you again! Ashley H.

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Win’s Answer

This depends a lot on what field you are interested in. Beyond volunteering, which I think is a great option that Lakeshia pointed out, talking to professionals who are currently in your field can be a good starting point. It'll offer increased understanding of the professional landscape of your field and a starting point for networking. Professionals in your field will also be able to provide you with greater insight into opportunities available in the specific field of interest. Many universities have extensive alumni networks which you can use to find professionals in your field. You may also be able to network via university clubs, professional associations, LinkedIn connections, Facebook groups, MeetUp groups, etc. Depending on the types of jobs you're looking into, you may also consider job shadowing as a more concrete option.

Thank you so much for your answer! I am actually involved in a couple of university clubs that relate to my major and career fields of interest, I just didn't believe that they counted. I will definitely follow your advice. Thank you again! Ashley H.

You're more than welcome! Best of luck and congrats on all the great work it sounds like you've already accomplished! Win Matsuda

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MK’s Answer

Hey Ashley!

I agree with both Win and Lakeisha's points above. I also think something I underestimated when I was in school was the importance of being involved with any activities that you find really exciting. Any activity you are involved in can give you valuable experience that you can bring to a work environment. While it's important to do things that will help you understand the career you're pursuing and help you get there, it's also so important to put time into things you are passionate about! Make sure you're making time for things you love, not just things you think people want to see on your resume.

Hope that helps!

Thank you so much for your answer! It definitely helps! Since posting this question, that is very much what I have gone out and done - and, this last year, I finally decided to go volunteer within a local humane society. I've been trying my best to ensure that I do make time for those activities, and people, that mean the world to me. Ashley H.

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Simeon’s Answer

Any activity that would introduce you to new people and build your connections is going to be more helpful to your career than many possible activities. Volunteer experience won't usually help much even for getting your first job, but won't help at all beyond that. In contrast, your professional network will be crucial to your success long-term.