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Ashley Dec 02, 2017 655 views

What sorts of activities could I be involved in outside of University and Internships that would improve my resume?

I know that there are a range of options that are supposed to be available to students at university in order to help them begin to get involved in their field of choice, however, I have had a hard time finding internships, research or work through my university. What are some other options...

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christian Dec 02, 2017 900 views

How do you become a director?

like make and #film #movies and #video #director #film-production

Dhruv’s Avatar
Dhruv Dec 02, 2017 1155 views

How would you handle a situation where you felt overwhelmed in the specific work you were doing? especially while being in the IT department

I'm asking because PwC is one place I want to work and was very curious in regards to IT. #pwc #information-technology #information-technology-and-services #career #career-choice

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Devetra Dec 02, 2017 824 views

Does your major and minor have to be similar in nature?

Thinking about choosing a minor in a different field as my major. #college-minor #college-major #college #choosing-a-major