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Madeline L. Sep 27, 2017

Question for professionals at PwC! What is your favorite part of your job and what is the most challenging part?

What is your favorite part about your job? What is the most challenging part of your job? How do you honestly feel about your job and your career goals? Do you feel satisfied in your life being in the finance industry? How do you contribute to the better whole of society working the job you...

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Victoria G. Mar 22

How do I get an opportunity to intern in one of the Big Four accounting firms?

I am currently majoring in Accounting and I will be a Junior next semester (Fall 2019). I am really interested in interning in one of the Big Four (KPMG, YE, PWC, and Deloitte). There are locations near me and I have started applying to two of them, but what do these firms look for in a...

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Dhruv S. Dec 02, 2017
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Tiffany B. Jan 27, 2017

Due to the competitive nature, do Big 4 firms discriminate against students who start at a community college?

So I am a student at community college for financial reasons, however I do not want that to make me a 'weaker' candidate. If it does, what can I do to set myself apart from the pack? #accounting #community-college #auditing #working-in-big-companies #deloitte #ey #kpmg...