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You need to be assertive. Learning how to say no - diplomatically and graciously, but still no - can be a life-saver. Many of the people I used to work with who are the most overwhelmed simply don't know how or aren't willing to set reasonable boundaries for themselves, and so end up committing to much more than they can reasonably accomplish.
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If you're ever feeling overwhelmed at work or in any other environment, I think it's critical to take that deep breath and develop a plan. First, it's important to identify what specific aspects are causing you to feel that way. Secondly, I would focus on solutions. For instance, if you're overwhelmed because trouble shooting strategies are not working for you, you would want to seek out training and practice opportunities to improve in that area. Or, if you're overwhelmed because of timing issues, you might want to develop to-do lists for each day and follow through. Next, I would develop a solution-focused plan and again, follow through. Finally, I would speak a peer or supervisor and seek guidance. You could inform them of your plans and also implement any of their suggested strategies.
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Collaboration is the key, help others when they have an issue and ask for help when you need it ! If there is an issue and even after trying your best you cannot see any solution, your manager is the first point to escalate this! Do not let the stressing situation overwhelm you there are solutions to everything except death.
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