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Does your major and minor have to be similar in nature?

Thinking about choosing a minor in a different field as my major. #college-minor #college-major #college #choosing-a-major

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That's a great question! Your major and minor do not have to relate. Your minor can help you diversify and differentiate yourself on applications and in interviews as well as further your understanding of a particular subject. I think what's important is to ask yourself why you're choosing a particular minor. You may wish to minor in another subject for a number of reasons (e.g., you have a strong interest in that subject area; you'd like to develope a certain skill such as becoming fluent in another language; you want to enhance your understanding of a subject area). In either case, it can prove beneficial.
Last updated Dec 02 '17 at 13:14
Hi Devetra! I agree with Lakeshia - look at using the minor for diversifying and/or specializing. For example, let's say you are majoring in social work or criminal justice, but hope to be able to work your way into an administrative position focusing on grant writing. You would want to minor in a subject that would help prepare you for that role, such as accounting. Or perhaps you aspire to managerial positions, then you could minor in Public Administration. Or maybe one day want to run for an elected position, then look at Urban Planning. I'm currently in a Master's program for Legal Studies, and thought it was really neat that we had people from other majors in my class this semester. The class is Administrative Law. One of the other students is a Nurse who works on the investigations of Nurse misconduct charges. Anything is possible! Kim
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In undergrad I majored in Accounting and minored in Mass Communication. I chose to minor in Mass Communication because I wanted to work with the Entertainment Industry as a tax accountant, and because I found the courses interesting. Aside from some overlapping concepts in Marketing and Advertising, the two had very little in common. I liked the diversity and, while accounting is directly related to my position at PwC, I really enjoyed most of my Mass Communication classes. Since I work with some Entertainment company clients, understanding how their business works has been a bit helpful even and I wouldn't have that understanding without my Mass Communication minor. It was also nice learning new and different skills in those classes that I never would have learned in a business class. I appreciated the change of pace, and many of the classes were fun. However, I've often met people who majored in Accounting and minored in Finance. At my college the two courses overlapped a lot so it was much easier for them to meet both requirements. I'd consider what you are interested in, and definitely look into how many extra courses you'd have to take to earn the Minor. By considering both you should be able to make an informed decision.
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