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What are some ways to become active (more) in the field of entomology?

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I am a student in environmental sciences with a huge passion for pollinators, specifically bees and butterflies. I currently am the leader for the campus pollinator and native species garden, I have helped a variety of individuals build these sort of gardens from scratch, attended every lecture and met with a variety of individuals (from my area and outside) who are entomologists. However, I cannot seem to find any projects (outside citizen science, of which I am active as well) or ways to further my involvement in this topic in the state of Ohio. Are there resources I am missing, or are there other ways that I could get involved that I am missing? Thank you!
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Lindsey’s Answer

Hi Ashley,

It sounds like you're already doing a lot of great work! Getting involved early is key to finding internships and jobs later. Since you're having trouble finding opportunities in your local area, I would recommend utilizing LinkedIn.com. On LinkedIn, you can search for entomologists in your local area and reach out to them. Networking is extremely important in the job search because it's all about building relationships. When you find a person who matches your interests, you can click into their Profile. From there, click "Connect" and "Add a Note." Write a brief message along the lines of "I'm a college student interested in becoming an Entomologist. I was wondering if you could share with me your experiences and what advice you have for someone trying to get into the field." This helps you a) build connections, b) learn more about your proposed field, and c) could give you some great companies to look into.

Best of luck!
Thank you so much for your answer! I, actually, hadn't considered using LinkedIn to try and connect with experts in the field (that I don't know, or haven't met in person). I thought the point was to connect with those you knew? I will definitely be trying that next, thank you so much! Ashley H.