Career Questions tagged Environmental Geology

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Alyson V. Apr 16, 2018 129 views

What does my path have to look like in order to become an environmental geologist?

You can only search so much online, so I feel like I have the basis of what it might have to look like, but I've never had any one give their personal account. To know what someone went through, and to know their advice would be more than helpful for me. #environmental-geology...


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Thomas M. Jan 28, 2018 196 views

I will be taking a Fieldcraft / Outdoor Proficiency class as part of my major (Geology). Should I still participate in a Geology Field Camp?

I plan to have a career in geoscience. I want to be prepared for my future career. I also wonder if a Field Camp experience is especially important to employers. #geology #geoscientist #environmental-geology #geoscience...


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Thomas M. Jan 24, 2018 233 views

What skills are most important for me to learn in preparation for a career as a Geologist / Geoscientist?

I am a freshman Geology major and want to choose the best coursework to prepare myself for a career in geology / geoscience. #geology #geoscientist #environmental-geology...

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Ashley H. Dec 11, 2017 510 views

What does the typical day of an environmental scientist look like?

So, I understand that it a very, VERY broad field. But, I am curious as to the range of jobs and daily activities associated with working within the environmental sciences/biology/geology? Thank you! #environmental-science #biology #environmental-geology #geology...