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Career Questions tagged Ecologist

Julianna’s Avatar
Julianna May 23, 2016 763 views

What are the possibilities with a Marine Biology and/or Ecology degrees?

I am going to school in Hawaii in order to pursue a Marine Biology degree and I am considering switching to an Ecology degree because I really enjoy Ecology. #career-path #marine-biology #ecologist

Ilana’s Avatar
Ilana May 20, 2016 1059 views

The most exciting part of research to me is going out in the field and working with animals and in the environment, but I'm concerned that in my career I'll get stuck analyzing data and not doing field work. Any advice?

I'm going into Ecology & Environmental Biology and I love working with animals on the field and studying animal cognition in the wild or at a sanctuary. However, it seems to me that professionals in biology often spend their time analyzing data in the lab or writing grants, which I would...

Marica’s Avatar
Marica May 16, 2016 809 views

What internships should I look for if I plan to major in the Science field, what college courses would be helpful?

I would like background information on what I need to be successful #biologist #ecologist

Marica’s Avatar
Marica May 16, 2016 2011 views

What exactly does it take to obtain a masters degree in Ecology, what should I expect and how long does it take to gain a masters in Ecology?

I'm interested in Ecology, i'm aware that i'd have to go to graduate school but exactly how long. I would like to get a persons perspective that's actually been through the process. #biology #ecologist #science #ecology #career #college

Katie’s Avatar
Katie Dec 03, 2015 1142 views

Do I have to have chemistry for a medical/health physicist or human ecologist job?

I would very much like to become either a human ecologist or a medical/health physicist. I am taking physics and biology but I cannot take chemistry. It is super challenging for me for some reason but I excel in physics and biology. I would just like to know if it is absolutely necessary to...