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Do I have to have chemistry for a medical/health physicist or human ecologist job?

I would very much like to become either a human ecologist or a medical/health physicist. I am taking physics and biology but I cannot take chemistry. It is super challenging for me for some reason but I excel in physics and biology. I would just like to know if it is absolutely necessary to have chemistry for either of these careers if I have biology and physics or are they just unattainable career goals without chemistry. #medicine #physics #ecologist #physicist

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1 answer

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Katie,

  • Health physics curricula combine a broad range of sciences, including chemistry, biology, anatomy and physics. Courses in radiation biology, biochemistry, genetics and physiology are also typically required. Some programs allow students to further specialize in such areas as nuclear engineering, medical physics and radiation biology. Practical, hands-on training within laboratories is an important component of most programs.

  • Human Ecology majors include: Biology and Society, Design and Environmental Analysis, Human Biology Health and Society, Human Development, Nutritional Sciences, Policy Analysis and Management and Fiber Science & Apparel Design

Have a great academic journey!