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Lion S. Jun 18, 2020 143 views

How do I produce music?

I am 10 years old and write music. I use garage band and Logic X Pro. Is there a better way to do this? #music-industry #music-production...


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Kristian B. Mar 07, 2020 219 views

What is like working as a music producer

Hallo my name is Kristian and I want to be a music producer #music-production #music-industry #music-education...


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Evan W. Dec 10, 2019 227 views
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Christian S. May 04, 2019 1347 views

Should I Quit Band?

So, there's a lot of problems. My band only has about 20 people. 1 out of our four middle schools are sending up new freshmen to our band. I've also started losing interest in band. Most kids in band are either new/inexperienced, or they just don't practice, and don’t care. Most kids are just...

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Gracey W. Sep 05, 2018 261 views

What kind of High School classes do you need to take for a music teacher??

I am an 8th grader at school in Indiana. I enjoy music so much. Music is my life. I want to be a music teacher when I get older. I have chosen this career based off of my love for music. I have been playing music and singing since I was born basically. #music #musician #music-education...


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James L. May 28, 2018 393 views

What is a good way to balance graduate studies and work

After obtaining my Bachelors degree in music education I plan on moving on shortly after to pursue my Masters and eventually my Doctorates in music education. In order to qualify for the Doctoral program you must have three years of teaching experience. How should I balance my studies and...

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kerrington H. May 07, 2018 271 views

Is it difficult balancing a music education major with extracurricular activities?

I will be majoring in music education but I still want to participate in clubs and greek life at my college. I am wondering if that is doable or reasonable at all with my major, especially since music majors are so demanding....


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kerrington H. May 07, 2018 267 views

Should I go on to get a doctorate degree in music after I finish four years as a music education major?

I’m asking because I will be majoring in music education for the next four years in college and wanted to know if there are more job opportunities or if it is overall better to get a doctorate....


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Charles R. Mar 27, 2018 460 views

How can music marketing play into a career involved with high school band and the marching activity?

As an eventual music education major, I have researched possible minors, and one school in particular, UTSA, has a new minor in music marketing. I wanted to know how an experience in music marketing would benefit a career that is still involved in the marching arts activity. #music...

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Kylie S. Apr 04, 2018 795 views

What is the hardest part about being a music teacher, and what is the best part about teaching music?

I'm planning on getting my degree in music education (possibly with a choral specialization) and I'm curious as to what the most difficult and most rewarding parts of teaching music are. What can I expect when I start teaching? Are there any skills I can start working on to help overcome...

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Charles R. Mar 27, 2018 359 views

What is the best career in music education other than being a band director?

I love the band activity as a whole, but I am also aware that being a music educator doesn't provide a stable financial ground for a family. I want to know if there is a career in teaching younger people how to tap into their musical abilities other than being a band director. #music...


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Alicia P. Mar 10, 2018 310 views

I am a High School student and don't know which career i would choose. For one I know people don't take music seriously, because of the jobs. But I love Both!!

Engineering and Music sound GREAT for me, but every time I search "engineering in the music industry" it says audio engineering, for some reason I was hoping something else. What kind of engineering would it fall under if I were to use it to work in the music industry? #civil-engineering...

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Maggie D. Jan 16, 2018 354 views

What happens if I regret my college major?

I am interested in both #political-science and #music-education, but they are two very different majors and career paths. I am afraid that if I commit to one, I will regret my choice later in life....


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Juan Carlos M. Jan 23, 2018 335 views

How do i begin a musical career?

I want to learn how to make music my profession or even where to start. #music #music-production #music-industry #music-recording #music-education...


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Juan Carlos M. Jan 22, 2018 335 views

how do you begin a musical career?

I've been interested in music for a long time and i feel like it would be my best choice as a career. I play instruments but how do i get signed by a label company or even get recognized by other people? What are the first steps i would have to take? #music #music-industry #music-recording...

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Jade S. Jan 17, 2018 365 views

Should I take Music courses in College, even though I don't know anything?

I plan on becoming a book editor - so an English major, basically. Recently I've been watching vocalists videos on YouTube, and have become fascinated with the creative world of vocal technique. My college offers a plethora of Music courses, and I really want to learn about the subject, but I'm...

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Bradley K. Jan 17, 2018 278 views

Can I still become a Spanish teacher if I have a non-education Spanish degree in addition to a Music Education degree?

I want to know if I can lessen my course load. If I can use the education part of my Bachelors of Music and apply it to my Spanish degree, then that would do that. #foreign-languages #education #music-education #spanishmajor #spanish-education...


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Bradley K. Jan 17, 2018 319 views

If I want to be a music teacher, should I choose a school based on their music or education program?

I am deciding between University of Iowa and the University of Northern Iowa. At the University of Iowa they have a great performance program but Northern Iowa is known for their outstanding teacher education program. #music-performance #choir #vocalmusic #hawkeye #panther...


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Caleb H. Jan 16, 2018 251 views

As a pianist, how much practice time should I put in on pieces for other people vs. My own lesson rep?

I'm a music education freshman and have picked up some accompanying jobs. I'm just wondering, in general, how much time should be spent on those pieces? #music #music-education #piano...


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Caleb H. Jan 16, 2018 238 views

As a music education major should I go straight to masters or wait and work with a school?

I am a music education freshman and am considering getting my masters in conducting. I'm wondering if it is worth it to wait before I continue schooling? #music #music-education #graduate-school-...


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Isabelle H. Jan 16, 2018 347 views

How do I combine math and music and teaching?

I love math. Before I loved it in school, I would go work out math puzzles with my uncle Richard, compete and train with Math Counts, take the AMC tests, and calculate measurements with my dad in his workshop; now I take the hardest math classes at my school and tutor math through National...

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Joana A. Dec 24, 2017 378 views

Is it better to study music at a university or at a community college after high school?

I am a music performance major and will be graduating with my associate's degree when graduating from high school. I would only have to focus on taking music classes. Is there a difference between music classes in college and university? What would you recommend? #music #college-major...

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Lucie L. Oct 12, 2017 399 views

How does an academic major in college affect job opportunities in the music field?

Hi, I'm a senior in High School. I would like to pursue music as a career, but it is hard for me to find a major that has what I am looking for or one that I can afford/qualify for. My alternative is to apply to either the same college as my preferred program or a cheaper college as an...

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Gus H. Oct 12, 2017 563 views

As someone who plans on majoring in music performance in college, what should I minor or double major in?

I am well aware of the fact that its going to be a struggle once I get into the world as a musician, so I am exploring other options to do in addition to music performance. Ideally, I would like to do something that is somehow connected to music, like audio engineering etc, but I wanted to see...

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Lucie L. Oct 12, 2017 609 views

How do I prepare for a more general music career?

Hi, I'm a senior in high school who wants to pursue music as a career. But most of the majors and programs I find are very specific and would not allow me to explore all the facets of music that would help me find my niche and strengths/weaknesses. How should I approach the college process so...

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Breanna L. Sep 01, 2017 369 views

For a person to become a music educator would he or she need to have a major in both music and education to be able to achieve his or her's career?

I'm asking the question because the people that I know who went to college mention the idea that those things are separate; however, the people who told me this went to college years ago and I do know that licensing and regulations for college majors has changed over the years especially for...

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