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Scholarships for music education?

What scholarships are available for musical theatre majors. #music #musicaltheatre #singing #scholarship #help #collegebound #communitycollege

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2 answers

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Paul’s Answer

That’s great info from Michael - definitely follow up on that. Also check with the schools you might be interested in. They probably have their own set of scholarships, based on various criteria.

Also, dont forget to look at organizations in your area. Civic groups, even churches sometimes have scholarships. My mother was a member of the Rotary, and I won a $1000 scholarship through them.

Best of luck!

Paul recommends the following next steps:

Check individual schools for available scholarships
Check civic organizations in your area
Check organizations your family members are a part of
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Michael’s Answer

Hi Ava:

According to, here are 7 Scholarships for Music Majors:

- Berklee College of Music Presidential Scholarship
- The Glenn Miller Birthplace Society Scholarship Program
- John Lennon Scholarship
- Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Performing Arts Scholarship
- Peermusic Latin Scholarship
- National Federation of Music Clubs scholarships
- Jazz Education Network scholarships

Here are a couple of other links for Music Scholarships:

Some requirements to be eligible for a music scholarship:

- Musical Talent
- Music Audition and Interview
- Financial Assistance Need
- Letters of Recommendation
- Academic Track Record
- SAT Scores
- Extra Curricular Activities in High School
- Community Service

According to U.S. News & World Report, Here is a list of Top Colleges or Universities for Music Majors:

Hope this information helps and best wishes for your education and future career in music!
Thank you comment icon Thank you, Michael! Ava