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how to become a pilot?

if I study in India till 10th standard and want to complete junior and senior high school in the united states. name some schools and colleges that are best? what courses to take in school and college to become? #expert

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Sue’s Answer

Research pilot schools, whether as a private or commercial pilot. Select the one that best matches your goals…what kind of pilot do you want to be.

Take an introductory training flight class. Need to complete this successfully before you can enroll in a pilot training program.

• Apply for FAA medical certification
• Apply for FAA student pilot certificate
• Start Flight training lessons
• Pass private pilot knowledge test
• Pass Private Pilot Practical Exam

For commercial pilots, training will depend on the type of plane you want to fly. If you desire to be an airline pilot, training could be 9 months or more depending on the program selected. If you have a private pilot license, it may be less time.

Good luck.