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Top ten things an international student needs to know before getting started?

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2 answers

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Vincent’s Answer

1) Budget - make sure you include all the tuition, fees, textbooks, rent, transportation, living expenses, socializing, etc. everything you can think of that needs to be covered in a foreign country. It's better to overestimate than underestimate for expenses.
2) Sort out your accommodation - either private rent or on campus accommodations are good opportunity for international students to explore the new environment. Keep in mind that safety should be always your number 1 priority while you are far away from home.
3) Consider a part-time job - depends on your immigration status and the country you are intend to go abroad for studying , a part-time job will not only help fund what’s important to you—it will provide social connections, introduce you to local culture and norms, help you pick up the local language (or slang) with ease, and teach you time-management skills along the way. Not a bad deal.
4) Research job outlooks - You don’t want to be in the 3rd year of getting your bachelor’s degree abroad and only then find out the university isn’t internationally credited for the concentration you’ve chosen. Think ahead and research all your options to make sure the program and degree you choose is going to keep doors open for your future.
5) Be prepared to talk, be open to your class - you may want to prepare some questions/answers prior to the class if the language of the country you are going to is not your first language. Think of this as an opportunity to delve into topics that, while not directly related to your major, teach skills that are useful to know in your future field. The same is true of literature and art classes that give you creative outlets and improve your ability to connect with peers.
6) Academic aren't everything to study aboard - it is for sure that academic is the top priority almost all students should keep in mind with, but it is certainly not everything you can absorb during this journey. Socializing can help you reduce the culture shock when most international students would face.
7) Introduce yourself - be proud of yourself and proudly introduce you to everyone where you start your new journey.
8) Build your support networks - same like you staying at home with your family and friends, the same type of network is also needed in the new environment. It is very important to stay in touch with your friends.
9) Don't be afraid to ask for help - you are not expected to know everything no matter where.
10) Have fun!!
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Richard’s Answer

1) Research - What is the cost? Will the international program help you reach your goals?
2) Visas and paperwork - Know what is needed. Don't wait until the last minute.
3) Prepare - Know what to expect in the destination location
4) International bank accounts - Know how you will access funds overseas
5) International calling - Find inexpensive solutions for staying in touch with family and friends back home
6) Travel - How will you get around in your new home city
7) Shipping and storage - Ship the essentials. Store or sell the rest
8) School payments and loans - Know how you will cover school costs
9) Accommodations - Research where you can afford to live; consider safety, distance to school, and find roommates
10) Have fun - Prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime. Feeling homesick is normal. When you feel it, remember why you decided to do it.