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How do I prepare to become an IAS officer?

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2 answers

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Ruchi’s Answer

To become an IAS officer, one has to clear UPSC examinations. There are a lot of articles and resources available online to guide you through the structure of UPSC examinations. You can get yourself registered in an institution to have a more structured and aggressive schedule.

A few habits that will help one to clear these exams - Reading newspapers, Having an opinion or a view on various topics you come across, debating about various issues. These things will help you have a mindset that is required for the job.

NCERT textbooks (1st - 12th Standard).

Ruchi recommends the following next steps:

Check the structure of UPSC
Make a study plan with the help of various resources available online
Read a lot -> newspapers, NCERT books and others.
Give the exam

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Col Sen’s Answer

You can prepare yourself from home but due to stiff competition students join coaching centers. Delhi is a hub for IAS aspirants, and if you can join Delhi University or JNU for your Masters, it will help you a great deal as the environment makes you familiar about the nuances of preparation and success. You may explore coaching centers in Bangaluru as well e.g. Rau's, Bharat Coaching etc. So, visit a nearest IAS Coaching center, ask their modules/models of training and cost, accordingly you decide.