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What jobs are available to a student with an Asian Studies BA?

I majored in Asian Studies in college and am graduating soon. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the opportunities out there and am having a hard time narrowing down what I'd like to do. I am interested in religion and have traveled a bit to South Asia. Does anyone have any advice on what to focus in on?

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3 answers

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Austin’s Answer

Hey Fiona, sounds like a really cool major. Now I am not sure if you speak an Asian language, but if so, there is a lot you can do. Having "on the ground experience" in a foreign country is extremely valuable and many employers like that global mindset. The U.S. Department of State might be a good idea for you to look into; you'll get to use your Asian Studies background, language if you have it (they'll teach you anyways, you get o travel, and religious freedom is something that the State Departments stands up for to my knowledge. Also, the Peace Corps might be another great idea. I hope this helps you in your search!!



Austin recommends the following next steps:

Peace Corps
U.S. Department of State

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Col Sen’s Answer

Hello Fiona,

Namaskar (Greetings)! This question I wanted to answer couple of days back but somehow it got delayed ! Now this 'somehow delay' is as if introduced by some third agency, call it nature at this moment, is the concept that comes from India, South Asia.

Now I have a question: which part of the South Asia you have traveled? Say North India or South or only did Delhi-Agra- Jaipur-Jaisalmer kind of tour or went to the Himalayas for an adventure? Is it the visit that motivated you to take up South Asian studies as a subject? If you are interested in just getting a job after BA degree in Asian Studies, well, it will land you in jobs with USAid or such NGOs, may be even in South Asian Desk in UN or your government's foreign affairs department. But other part of your question relates to your interest in Religion and that's why I waited to ask. Since there were no reaction to the previous answers by you, I took it upon to address the issue in a larger perspective.

For your BA or MA, you can look for South Asian studies in India (JNU and many other universities), Oxfod/Cambridge (UK) and Havard/Columbia/Pennsylvania (USA) and even in Germany. You can also carry out a search on Google for BA/MA in Indian Studies, Vedic studies, Hinduism etc. There are large number of study centers across the globe offering various studies related to South Asia/India. I would like to say that as a matter of subject study for a degree, you may pick up any of the religions (Hinduism/Buddhism/ Jainism/Sikhism etc, originated form this land) for a comprehensive study anywhere in the world.

On the hindsight, it appears to me that you are actually interested in spirituality and thus I invite you to visit India again. Please visit Rishikesh and stay with say Parmarth Niketan or Bangalore (International HQ of Art of Living) or ISKCON, Vrindavan (UP), even go to Dharamshala, HP . You can also contact them from US as well or and then make up your mind as to what you actually want to pursue and when/where etc? You will get all your answers.

I can only tell you at this stage that the scope and opportunities are enormous and possibly one lifetime would fall short of. Further questions are welcome! All the very Best!

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Alexis K.’s Answer

Hi, Fiona, if you are interested in religion and you majored in Asian Studies, I would maybe look into missionary work. You can work with non-profits, or start your own non-profit, and help people in South Asia, or in Asia, find their spirituality and faith.