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Should I state my religion on college applications?

Hi Mia! I mean, if they ask for it, I do not see why not. Depending on your religion, there are scholarships available for students at university that do proclaim their religion upfront. If it isn't something you are comfortable with, then I would not. The choice is yours. Ashley H.

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2 answers

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Chrissy’s Answer

That is completely up to you. However, colleges should not look at that (unless maybe they are a faith-based school) but even then your religion and beliefs shouldn't have anything to do with getting accepted into a college. It's more about grades, your participation in various activities and just over all how well-rounded you are.

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Lanie’s Answer

Hi Mia,

Great question! Typically, college applications are only for relevant information about you at a candidate for that university. So, if your religion is relevant to the university, meaning the university is a denominational institution (e.g. they are a Catholic University such as Villanova University) then I would include it. Additionally, if your religion is an important part of who you are as a student and person, then include it, maybe in one of the written responses.

Overall, I don't think adding it will negatively impact your candidacy for a university but only add it if it means something to you.