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Career Questions tagged Working With Children

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin Sep 17 75 views

What careers and college majors would you consider if these were your interests?

Not sure if it's the same for other high school students but mine has us focus on self-awareness and college prep as part of curriculum outside of working with our guidance counselors. It's part of my english class. Something we have been working on is an essay about our career interests. I am...

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Mar 25 170 views

What does a day in the life of a Pediatrician look like?

Just wondering what the workload, and overall routine would look like. :)

Chasity’s Avatar
Chasity Jun 03, 2021 204 views

How many hours do a pediatrician work a week ?

#pediatrics #children #working-with-children

Chastity’s Avatar
Chastity Dec 10, 2020 316 views

What is the daily work day of a pediatrician?

#pediatrician #rn #pediatrics #working-with-children #children #medicine #nursing #pediatric-nursing #doctor

raikeema’s Avatar
raikeema Nov 13, 2020 332 views

what is the positive things about being a physical therapy and the bad things ?

I wanna know so i can know what im going to be looking for. Also, i love helping kids im a very nice and respectful person. #children #experience #working-with-children

Makenna’s Avatar
Makenna Oct 23, 2020 224 views

What profession is that best to work at with special needs children and adults?

I am a sophomore in high school and I am very interested in the mind of specifically down syndrome children and adults. I would love to work with mentally challenged people so I can one, learn more about their environment and how they live everyday and two, help them the best that I can....

Gabriella’s Avatar
Gabriella Apr 26, 2018 532 views

What is the best way to break the news of the death of a family member to their family?

I am intending on becoming a physicians assistant and I recognize that I may be put in this situation at some point. I would like some tips for this hard topic. #medicine #working-with-children #death #physician-assistant #students-interested-in-career-as-physician-assistants #medical-practice...

Gabriella’s Avatar
Gabriella Apr 26, 2018 850 views

What is the best way to cope with potential deaths of medical patients?

I am going to be a physician's assistant and I plan to work in pediatrics. I want to know coping methods people in the medical profession have to cope with deaths of patients. #medicine #physician-assistant #students-interested-in-career-as-physician-assistants #death #copingmethods #patients...

Jalencia’s Avatar
Jalencia Apr 12, 2018 564 views

Why isn't anyone standing up for helpless kids?

Some are too young to understand and some are old enough and people might think that the child is overacting and just want attention. #child-development #working-with-children #child-care #children #career-choice #career-path

Jalencia’s Avatar
Jalencia Apr 12, 2018 586 views

Do you think there needs to be more investigation when doing CPS

I'm an adopted child, along with my twin brother, who's special needs and I found out not too long ago that there are actually a lot of adopted and foster kids in my area. But, not all are in a loving caring home like I am. I feel like I should step in, give back to the kids and make a change...

Carlyne’s Avatar
Carlyne Apr 12, 2018 638 views

which college is best for a career in working with special needs kids?

I am torn between 3 different career choices and i am having trouble finding a good college that has a great program for this and im having trouble. #college #special-needs-children #working-with-children #child-development #early-childhood-education

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Apr 11, 2018 567 views

what kind of job would be good with kids

#jobs #children #working-with-children

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Apr 04, 2018 530 views

What requirements would I have to meet in order to become a Pediatric Nurse?

#nursing #pediatric-nursing #pediatric-nurse #nurse #nursing #working-with-children #working-with-kids

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Apr 04, 2018 581 views

What are requirements I would have to meet in order to become an Early Childhood Educator?

I have a experience working in a preschool and it made me see being a teacher in early childhood as a possible career interest for me. #early-childhood-education #preschool #teaching #teacher #working-with-children

Shannon’s Avatar
Shannon Apr 04, 2018 549 views

I would like to work with children, would being a PA or psychologist allow me to work with kids?

#working-with-children #psychology #physician-assistant

Blessing’s Avatar
Blessing Jan 24, 2018 1634 views

If I want to become a pediatrician, what major should I begin with?

I plan on doing a double major, so I would like to know which ones I should take to pursue a career as a pediatrician. #working-with-children

Brittney’s Avatar
Brittney Jan 16, 2018 673 views

I love kids beside a teacher, what jobs are out there for me?

I’m case being a teacher doesn’t work out I want to know what other options I have. #education #teaching #children #working-with-children

Martha’s Avatar
Martha Jan 16, 2018 463 views

What are some fields that work with children?

I'm mostly interested in mental health like child psychologist but open to any other focuses with children. I think it's good to have a back up plan for college just in case.



Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Jan 16, 2018 640 views

I want to be a teacher because I love to interact with people, and kids are easy to understand and it’s great to watch them grow. But can someone give me optimism on the pay, and being able to support a family on the income?

I want to become a teacher, but the pay may not be enough to support a family I might possibly want in the future. #education #teaching #children #working-with-children #salary

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Jan 16, 2018 522 views

Is there anyone who likes being a social worker? If so, what about it do you like?

I’m passionate about helping kids overcome obstacles and I’ve had a bit of experience taking care of and being the head organizer of activities for a family whose kids who are pretty messed up because of their parents and who have had a brush with the system. Everyone I’ve talked to who is a...

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Jan 16, 2018 634 views

How, through my future career, can I inspire young kids to make a difference in their community?

I want to make a lasting impact on the people I work with, and I want the children I see to be inspired to work hard and positively impact the people around them. What are some ways I can help kids achieve this? #positivity #inspiration #medicine #children #working-with-children...

Andre’s Avatar
Andre Jan 16, 2018 348 views

What is the best school for a working adult/parent in DC area?

I live in greater DC area, working adult and parent full time both.

#scholarships #working-with-children #college

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Oct 12, 2017 862 views

What major should I study to do pre-med and become a child psychiatrist?

What is a good college major to eventually be a child psychiatrist?
#child-psychiatrist #medical-practice #child-development #working-with-children

Tiahna’s Avatar
Tiahna May 30, 2017 762 views

How is the work schedule like for anesthesiologists and what does their daily routine look like?

I have always wanted to be in the medical feild for as long as I could remember. For a long period of time I was really interested in becoming a surgeon but as I got older I didn't eel it was right for me and while watching tv series and talking with my mom I learned more about...

De'Asia ’s Avatar
De'Asia Feb 10, 2017 1899 views

What are the benefits of being a pediatrician?

What are some of the benefits and how would some of these help me #pediatrician #pediatric-nursing #children #working-with-children #employee-benefits

Sameeha’s Avatar
Sameeha Oct 26, 2016 696 views

What are some tips on becoming a pediatrician?

I would like to know any and everything I can from any and every source about becoming an awesome and loving pediatrician. How can I get my patients to be comfortable around me? Any tips on this topic would be really nice and helpful. #pediatrics #babies #working-with-children

Valerie’s Avatar
Valerie Nov 19, 2015 1537 views

whats the highest degree or certification to become a preschool teacher?

i grew up helping taking care of kids , and i play school sometimes with my younger siblings and enjoy being there kinder teacher so now that i'm older in want to become one . #children #working-with-children

Erinise’s Avatar
Erinise Aug 27, 2015 6172 views

What kind of careers are out there working with young children?

I really want to work with young kids, newborn to about kindergarten, but I don't want to be a teacher (typical, I know) and I don't really want to work in a daycare. I've even thought about being a pediatric nurse or neonatal nurse but I don't know if I could really handle seeing little cute...

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Dec 16, 2014 1240 views

What are the steps one needs to take in order to become a pediatric nurse? Internships? Classes?

I am a Senior in high school and I want to be a pediatric nurse because I love children. I have worked at a camp around children. I have volunteered at a camp with all girls. I have interned at a school in the third grade class. Is there anything else I could do? If these aren't good things to...