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Career Questions tagged Early Childhood Education

Myranda V.’s Avatar
Myranda V. May 21 228 views

I want to become a teacher, early childhood education. How long is the process? I know everyone has their own path, timing but how long did it take you to become a teacher? Is it also a good paying salary career?(NYC DOE)

I've always been interested in teaching and learning from kids. Please be honest and thank you for taking your time to read along with answering if you do. Have a good day!!!!!!!

Kaiya P.’s Avatar
Kaiya P. May 21, 2021 274 views

what are the different types of early childhood education?

#university #student

Libby B.’s Avatar
Libby B. Jul 14, 2018 591 views

What attribute did you develop that helped you reach your goals?

I would like to go into elementary education, but this question could apply to any career. #career-development #early-childhood-education #goal-achieving

Carlyne C.’s Avatar
Carlyne C. Apr 12, 2018 626 views

which college is best for a career in working with special needs kids?

I am torn between 3 different career choices and i am having trouble finding a good college that has a great program for this and im having trouble. #college #special-needs-children #working-with-children #child-development #early-childhood-education

Olivia B.’s Avatar
Olivia B. Apr 04, 2018 564 views

What are requirements I would have to meet in order to become an Early Childhood Educator?

I have a experience working in a preschool and it made me see being a teacher in early childhood as a possible career interest for me. #early-childhood-education #preschool #teaching #teacher #working-with-children

Olivia B.’s Avatar
Olivia B. Apr 04, 2018 405 views

How do I choose my future career?

I have four possible career interests and I don't know how to decide. I would love to be a Physician Assistant, Early Childhood Teacher, Pediatric Nurse, or Special Education Teacher. I can't decide because they all seem great. #pediatric-nursing #physician-assistant #early-childhood-education...

Summer N.’s Avatar
Summer N. Sep 01, 2017 578 views

What can you do with a early childhood degree?

#early-childhood-education #education #educator #child-development

Mikayla M.’s Avatar
Mikayla M. Feb 08, 2017 850 views

What kind groups do you work with as a child development professional?

I want to go for a child development. I want to work with little kids in pre-k thru 5th grade, but I'm not interested in working with students higher than 6th grade. Is that possible? Can you control the age range of the children you work with? #early-childhood-education #child-development...

Okalanie G.’s Avatar
Okalanie G. Feb 04, 2017 644 views

How can I become an elementary school teacher

I have done some research on steps as to how I can become a teacher and all it said was to apply to college and take the early childhood education courses and apply for a license and certificate to teach. I would like to know if I should go for B.A, anything higher, lower? What specific...

Amanda S.’s Avatar
Amanda S. May 25, 2016 759 views

How do I find grants for opening a nursery school after I finish by BA

I would like to have a nursery school for under 3 years old. I would like to find out how to search for monies to start this business. #business #school #grants #early-childhood-education #owners #private #nursery

emmanuelle O.’s Avatar
emmanuelle O. May 24, 2016 551 views

what career could be right for me?

Hi, I am almost bilingual French (made in France) /English. I am pursuing a degree in early childhood education, and hope to be working in immersion programs. I would like to know which requirements I need for this career. #education #foreign-languages #early-childhood-education

Karen E.’s Avatar
Karen E. May 14, 2016 678 views

How do I stay on top of homework and still get a proper amount of sleep?

This past semester has been, for lack of a better word, a nightmare. It is not the first semester where I have had to pull multiple all-nighters within the same week, but it has resulted in the most. I work hard in my classes to achieve nice grades, but sacrifice much sleep along the way. I...

Karen E.’s Avatar
Karen E. May 14, 2016 702 views

How can I get my foot in the door?

This upcoming semester, I am fortunate to have a smaller course load than I've ever had. To compensate for the new, bigger blocks of free time, I feel that I should acquire a side job, other than the one I have at home. Getting a job at a child care center that is nearby would be preferable,...

Karen B.’s Avatar
Karen B. Feb 11, 2015 1068 views

What is it like to be a preschool teacher?

I am currently a senior in high school and I want to major in Early Childhood Education, but I am unsure. I was wondering what it would be like in a normal preschool classroom everyday. What is the daily routine? #teacher #k-12-education #early-childhood-education

Jade H.’s Avatar
Jade H. Dec 18, 2014 1370 views

What are personal stories of success or struggles that you have gone through while teaching?

I am a senior in high school and I am genuinely interested in becoming a Kindergarten teacher. I am asking this question to individual people who are or have been teachers. I am just wondering if there are any stories that you could share about a moment when you felt successful, or felt like...

Azja D.’s Avatar
Azja D. Dec 08, 2014 920 views

what were some of the required classes in college for majoring in early childhood education?

I'm into being a teacher for younger kids grades k1-4th and i was just wondering the classes that are required to be taken and if you have to also take a course in a subject? #college #teacher #education #classes #early-childhood-education

Dulce G.’s Avatar
Dulce G. Apr 07, 2014 1910 views

What careers are a good fit if I like to deal with children?

I like dealing with and taking care of children but I am still not 100% sure that I should take a career as an elementary school teacher. #career #teaching #education #children #early-childhood-education #career-education

Tashiyra F.’s Avatar
Tashiyra F. Mar 26, 2014 1306 views

What opportunities are available to people who major in child development?

I am interested in child development. I am really interested in anything that has to do with children. More specifically, I would like to know if there are a lot of internship opportunities during college for childhood development and job opportunities after college as well. #psychology...