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How do I choose my future career?

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I have four possible career interests and I don't know how to decide. I would love to be a Physician Assistant, Early Childhood Teacher, Pediatric Nurse, or Special Education Teacher. I can't decide because they all seem great. #pediatric-nursing #physician-assistant #early-childhood-education #special-education

If you can see your dream and think you can achieve then you will succeed!!! Justyn M.

4 answers

Stefanie’s Answer


Hi Athena,

One thing is clear, you want to help people and it sounds like you are most connected with working with children. Have you had the opportunity to talk to those in these fields? If not it's always helpful to get perspective. Also understand what is the most important thing for you when choosing your career path. The areas you've listed align so well with each other (PA / Pediatric Nurse, Special Ed Teacher / Early Childhood teacher) that if you happen to choose one of these areas you will have the option to get a sense of what role gives you most connection. Taking one path leads you to another and along the way you realize what you are most passionate about. Best of luck!

taranjeet’s Answer


It's very simple to figure it out. Just do what you really love doing it. Don't just choose career by seeing the monetary benefits attached to it.

Ciji’s Answer


It looks like you have some great careers to choose in mind. One thing to research is how much time and money is it going to cost you for each choice. Then research how much you would make starting out in that field. You can use a website like Glassdoor to obtain compensation rates. This may help you narrow down your choices from a financial/time perspective.

Also research things like work schedules, work environment, opportunities in your area. I also suggest shadowing someone in each field so that you can get a first hand idea of what each career is like.

Lastly, think about growth opportunities in the future. Does the career offer you the opportunity to advance and grow when you are ready to make that next step? Good luck to you!


Athena’s Answer


My college background is children with special needs - infants & toddlers but I had an opportunity to work for a law firm during college as a receptionist. They promoted me to an assistant. I stayed with them until another opportunity lead me to AT&T where I am now very active in volunteerism. I enjoy my job because I am able to help people and am employed with a company that pays well & has great benefits. My ultimate goal was to serve others. What do you like best about those careers? Have you looked at each wage scale?