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Career Questions tagged Special Education

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Brianna Aug 26 101 views

Is college required to be a paraeducator

I would like to become a paraeducator at Atlantic Highschool but, im not very interested in college and I was wondering if it is required

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Sumi May 19 164 views

What would be an ideal career for someone who wants to work with disabled children but has a low patience?

I would love to one day be able to help and communicate with disabled kids, such as a pediatric occupational therapist or something similar, but I tend to loose patience without meaning to. I am afraid that a career path such as pediatric OT is maybe a little too social for someone like me, and...

SR’s Avatar
SR Jul 11, 2021 380 views

What can someone with a master's degree in special education work as in NY and NJ?

I work with an autistic child in an ABA program. I also tutor children in reading Hebrew. I am almost done my bachelor's degree and am looking to advance my education with a master's degree. I understand that the special education arenas in NY and NJ are different from each other. I live in NY...

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Tobi Jun 13, 2021 261 views

Becoming a special education itenerant teacher

-get bachelor degree
-get master's degree
-gain experience working with children.
- work with children on an individual level #special-education

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Tobi Jun 13, 2021 407 views

What do I need to become a special education itinerant teacher

I have always loved working with children. I have a bachelors degree in Behavioral Science and Human Services and will be going for my master's degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education in the fall #special-education #teaching

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Karoline Jul 22, 2020 220 views

What do you need to know before becoming a doctor?

#special-education #medicine #doctorate-degree

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Sarah Leah Sep 26, 2018 458 views

How can I earn a masters in both Fine Arts and Education without going to two graduate schools if one can only earn a degree in one or the other?

#art #special ed #special-education #masters #artist #coll #college #graduate

Dakotah’s Avatar
Dakotah Jun 27, 2018 681 views

How do I know the steps to become a Special Needs teacher?

I want to become a Special Needs teacher when I get older. I want to know the steps of becoming a Special Needs teacher. Can you help me? //#special-education #education #special-needs #disability #educator #teacher

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Abigail Apr 16, 2018 553 views

As a high school student what are some ways that I can get myself ready to teach a classroom of special needs students?

I am asking since once I get my master's in special education k through 12. I plan to teach them. I want to know if there are any steps I can take to get myself ready. #special-education #special-needs #career-development #career-choice

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Apr 16, 2018 530 views

What are some ways we can include special education kids more?

I am asking since I see special education students being left out since they can't do it so I was wondering if as students or teachers if we can include them more. #special-education #special-needs-children

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Olivia Apr 04, 2018 436 views

What are requirements I would need to meet in order to become a Special Education Teacher?

I'm interested in becoming a Special Education Teacher. I visited a class one day and became interested in the job, #special-education #teaching #teacher #special-education/adapted-pe #education-of-children-with-autistic-spectrum-disorders #special-education-teacher

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Olivia Apr 04, 2018 415 views

How do I choose my future career?

I have four possible career interests and I don't know how to decide. I would love to be a Physician Assistant, Early Childhood Teacher, Pediatric Nurse, or Special Education Teacher. I can't decide because they all seem great. #pediatric-nursing #physician-assistant #early-childhood-education...

Sh'Daedra’s Avatar
Sh'Daedra Jan 22, 2018 645 views

With today's economy would it be more beneficial to get a bachelor's degree in business rather than education?

I start school in August for my bachelor's degree. I already have a an associates in science. I can not decide if I should major in education or general management. I am trying to decide which would suite me better with the way this economy is looking and try and prepare for the future for at...

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Divine Jan 21, 2018 630 views

As a educator, how do you make sure to effectively communicate to each student?

I know all students learn differently, especially students with special needs. For future reference I am curious as to how does one make sure that you communicate effectively with each student, so that they all learn and understand. #special-education #being-an-elementary-teacher...

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Divine Jan 21, 2018 342 views

Are there any classes that a teacher would recommend that a prospective teacher take?

I am asking because as a student we have a list of classes that we should take as education majors to graduate, but I always wonder if there are any classes that a future educator should take that is not in the set list of classes that students take. Classes that would help out even more in...

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jan 19, 2018 2134 views

What are the pros and cons of special ed homeschooling vs. special ed public school?

I am working on a second bachelors degree in mathematics education. I originally planned to teach junior high. I have a son who was is one-year-old and was just diagnosed with cerebral palsy. I can imagine how much fun it would be to home school and I have/will have lots of resources and...

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Meri Sep 01, 2017 449 views

In the field of Special Education, should I receive my bachelors degree and begin teaching or get my Masters Degree before teaching

I would like to begin teaching right after my bachelors degree to help me start earning money to pay back college loans, but I heard that it is difficult to teach and work on your masters degree at the same time. #special-education

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Oct 25, 2016 811 views

Does anyone have any specific guidance for a strong STEM student with ADHD and Dyslexia that may want a career teaching STEM subject to students with similar disabilities?

I'm a high school senior with ADHD and Dyslexia. I also have been successful taking high level math and science classes as well as AP digital art. I am considering a career where I can help other students with similar disabilities be successful in their STEM classes and, hopefully, pursue...

Lolaestella’s Avatar
Lolaestella Oct 19, 2016 903 views

Criminology major or education major?

If I major in criminology I want to minor in education and get endorsements for English as a second language and for special education. If I major in education I want to get both endorsements still and I would want to minor in criminology. Which way seems easier since they are both kind of big...

Chenaniah’s Avatar
Chenaniah May 28, 2016 650 views

My passion is to help teenagers with moderate disabilities. Does it really matter what school i attend, once it's accredible?

My plan is to attend University of South Florida and then transer to Vanderbilt University. Does it really make sense to go to an Ivy League school even tho they are number 1 for special education. Will i get paid more or chosen over most students. #special-education

Courtney’s Avatar
Courtney May 25, 2016 683 views

What's a typical day like as a Special Education teacher?

I ask this question this question because I am pursuing a career in this position. #special-education

Courtney’s Avatar
Courtney May 25, 2016 660 views

How do you develop your class curriculum for a Special Education class, when the students vary in their needs?

I ask this question because this is the career I am currently pursuing. #special-education

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Morgan May 19, 2016 866 views

Is it easier to be promoted with a Special Education background?

I know Assistant Principals deal with Special Education so I know it will be helpful, but I don't know if it looks better on an application to make any porgression through the school system. #special-education

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Morgan May 19, 2016 818 views

What is the average number of children in a containment classroom?

I want to be a Special Education teacher and I know inclusion versus containment classroom sizes differ so I wanted to know what the average is. #special-education

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Mayra May 28, 2015 3017 views

what jobs can i get if i major in child development?

i am a high school student that likes how the mind works and enjoys teaching/playing with kids. #career #college-major #jobs #children #special-education #child-development

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Kelly Dec 16, 2014 1646 views

Is the job of a Special Education Teacher thankless and tiring?

I'm asking this question because I realize that this career can be difficult sometimes, and I want to make sure that I will be able to handle the pressure put on me every day. #teaching #special-education

Rosemarie’s Avatar
Rosemarie Dec 11, 2014 11944 views

What are the pros and cons of being a special education teacher?

Hi, my name is Rosemarie Mullaly and I am a junior at Boston Collegiate Charter School. I have been interested in being a teacher since fifth grade, and I realized I want to be a special education teacher since eighth grade. I want to work with children with cognitive disabilities (Autism, Down...

Casey’s Avatar
Casey Dec 05, 2014 2253 views

What will a daily schedule be like for a special education teacher?

Hello I am Casey Gaffney, a junior at Boston Collegiate Charter School. I have always wanted to be a teacher since I was a child. I am specifically interested in Special Education. I want to focus on Down Syndrome and Autism. I am curious about how teaching students with special disabilities...

Casey’s Avatar
Casey Dec 05, 2014 1448 views

Is taking a language beneficial when I want to be a special education teacher?

Hello I am Casey Gaffney, a junior at Boston Collegiate Charter School. I have always wanted to be a teacher since I was a child. I am specifically interested in Special Education. I want to focus on Down Syndrome and Autism. I was wondering whether or not I should take a minor in a language in...

Tashiyra’s Avatar
Tashiyra Mar 26, 2014 1316 views

What opportunities are available to people who major in child development?

I am interested in child development. I am really interested in anything that has to do with children. More specifically, I would like to know if there are a lot of internship opportunities during college for childhood development and job opportunities after college as well. #psychology...