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Career Questions tagged Disability

Asya M.’s Avatar
Asya M. Jul 25, 2020 238 views

Can you become a medical doctor and specialize in working with children and adults with special needs?

I have a brother with ASD, so I know how visits to the doctor can be vastly different if he is seeing a doctor that has experience being around someone with special needs versus seeing a doctor that does not have that background. As a result, I was wondering if there is such a thing as...

disability medicine specialneeds doctor

Megan L.’s Avatar
Megan L. Sep 12, 2018 344 views

What kind of jobs in disability justice are available in Kentucky?

I'm interested in anything from education to legal work to community building. I'm an advocate with experience in the autistic community who's worked with multiple disability organizations all over the country. justice advocacy nonprofit kentucky disabilities law...


Rebecca B.’s Avatar
Rebecca B. Apr 24, 2018 410 views

What kind of services do colleges provide for people with learning disabilities?

I am a student who has ADD, Dyslexia and Social Anxiety. I also have 504 accommodations. learning-disabilities college dyslexia anxiety add disability...


Dakotah Z.’s Avatar
Dakotah Z. Jun 27, 2018 515 views

How do I know the steps to become a Special Needs teacher?

I want to become a Special Needs teacher when I get older. I want to know the steps of becoming a Special Needs teacher. Can you help me? //special-education education special-needs disability educator...


jaleigha H.’s Avatar
jaleigha H. Jun 27, 2018 294 views

i want to be developmental disability nurse. Can someone please give me advice about how this works and how many years of college you have to take?

im in 9th grade so i have 4 more years until im in college. i love helping kids with disabilitys and it makes me happy and makes them happy. disability nurse nursing hospital-and-healthcare...


Brittney E.’s Avatar
Brittney E. Jan 16, 2018 288 views

How will a neurological sleep disorder affect my college experience?

I was diagnosed with narcolepsy during the summer of 2017. Prior to my diagnosis, I was constantly falling asleep during class and while doing homework and was unable to focus. Although I am on medication, I am not sure how the stress and fast pace college life will be affected by it....

special-needs academic-advising college disability narcolepsy

isaiah K.’s Avatar
isaiah K. May 27, 2016 519 views

My dad's a single, disabled veteran and we live on 836 a month. what would be the best way to apply for scholarships and grants?

I'm trying to get the money together so i can start college in FL, it's 54,000 for the whole course and im just trying to figure out the best way to approach this situation. I'm the oldest of my siblings and relatively new to this. I want to set the example and be able to help my younger...

disability scholarships florida single-parent grants veterans

Abigail S.’s Avatar
Abigail S. May 10, 2016 679 views

What are some ways that I can get more money for college?

I'm enrolled in a liberal arts college for the fall and it is pretty pricey! I have a little bit over half of my tuition paid for by the scholarships that my school has given me.. I have only heard back from one of the scholarships in my area that I have applied for. I have cerebral palsy so it...

college money disability disabilities scholarships

Mellissa Lindsey’s Avatar
Mellissa L. Mar 25, 2015 742 views

How can I keep a work/ life balance within the Counselling/Community services industry?

I am due to start a dual diploma in Counselling and Community services, I am a very people orientated person, however at times I find it hard to "switch off". Due to varying/changing hours in the industry/PCP/Best care etc I'm just interested in the typicals of when/where/how etc people in the...

disability community-service mentoring counselling