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What are some ways that I can get more money for college?

I'm enrolled in a liberal arts college for the fall and it is pretty pricey! I have a little bit over half of my tuition paid for by the scholarships that my school has given me.. I have only heard back from one of the scholarships in my area that I have applied for. I have cerebral palsy so it is hard for me to maintain a part time job because most of them are physical and on your feet all the time. I hope to apply for disability soon but that still leaves a lot of tuition to pay for. college money scholarships disabilities disability

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Yolonda’s Answer

Hi Abigail! When I was in college I became a Resident Assistant (RA) and received free housing which meant 7,000+ off of my school bill. Housing was a big chunk (about half) of my overall school bill. A Resident Assistant is a trained peer leader who assists with making dorm life safe, inviting and inclusive. In my school we were able to join second semester of freshman year. In high school I used search engines like fastweb or but I didn't get a scholarship through those avenues. Maybe it could work for you. I hope this helps!