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Caroline M’s Avatar
Caroline M May 20, 2016 744 views

Are there any scholarship, besides the Grand Pell scholarship, that can help me pay my studies, without the use of a student loans?

I am sophomore student at my college in Puerto Rico and I can't find a job to cover my college expenses. I'm planning to enroll in Medical school after I finish my bio-medical science baccalaureate degree and I don't want to start using student loans now, so I can use them in Med school....

Naina’s Avatar
Naina May 13 411 views

What to do with MBA degree?

I am a senior

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Apr 15 778 views

What is work life balance like in supply chain management careers?

I'm wondering what the work life balance in supply chain management careers is like?

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Apr 25 568 views

Should I work full time during college?

For some background information I'm pretty broke. My family dosen't have the best circumstances and they're trying to invest in a new location for a resteraunt. I'm going to be attending Northeastern Oakland next school year and I'm wondering if I should work more than a federal work study. A...

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Apr 29 316 views

Should I attend Northeastern University or a cheaper state school?

For context, my parents are insistent that I go to Northeastern University, as they're obsessed with acceptance rates. It's 34,000 without federal loans, which is quite outrageous as we are broke. They're insistent that they are able to afford it yet even if were not, I'd rather not spend that...

aiaha’s Avatar
aiaha Apr 29 305 views

what should I do at university?

in college can I study pediatric nursing or do I have to take Sorry, my English is not good. I want to go to college but I don't know if in college you have to take all the classes or just what you want to do in the future

Israel’s Avatar
Israel Jun 05, 2023 200 views

Is there sick pay leave for mechanics?

Financial help needs to be met and fulfilled on the end of the job as I do mine.

Maryuri’s Avatar
Maryuri May 02, 2023 779 views

What are good questions to ask in career village?

I'm a senior in high school and I new ideas of what to ask.

Myles’s Avatar
Myles Jun 24, 2023 330 views

How will career village help me in the near future?

Also how can this be beneficial for someone who is aspiring to be in the field of medicine

Harley’s Avatar
Harley Jul 10, 2023 869 views

What major should you NOT go to college for?

Hello! As a college student in the middle of my career, I wanted to submit a question. What majors should students NOT go to college to study for? If you do list any majors: What do you recommend students do (instead) to pursue their career goals? I hope this question could help future...

Ian’s Avatar
Ian Jan 21, 2018 744 views

What scholarships or grants are available for Hawaiian ancestry college students in 2018?

Paying for college is nonetheless expensive, with Career Village as a helpful tool to reach out for answers on scholarships or grants for Hawaiian ancestry students is insightful to learn about financial assistant opportunities. #scholarships

EmaaEmaa$amuel123’s Avatar
EmaaEmaa$amuel123 Aug 30, 2023 499 views

How I Prepare For Admission Interview In Oxford University?

My journey started when I got good grades in the college business subject, now I am pursuing my education for an MBA and I am really excited because I had enough marks to be eligible for Oxford University. First I wrote my admission essay on my own and proofread it by my college teacher They...

EmaaEmaa$amuel123’s Avatar
EmaaEmaa$amuel123 Aug 30, 2023 406 views

Why I join Career Village?

It is because I love to share my knowledge with everyone and it is a good social medium for it. Also there are many professional that also guide me about how I achieve my future goals

Hasini’s Avatar
Hasini Oct 11, 2023 380 views

Is Career Village helpful?

How is Career Village going to help me with my future and my career? How is it going to help me choose my path and find what suits me best? Why do I have to choose Career Village?

William’s Avatar
William Mar 07 546 views

What is career village actually do?

What si career village ??