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Atherton, California
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I am still searching on what I want to do for a career. Interested in business field working hands-on with people.

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Ian Jul 24, 2020 405 views

What are some unique ways student leaders can maintain student engagement with the given circumstances of COVID-19?

#studentleadership #studentengagement #july20

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Ian Jul 20, 2020 792 views

Beside internships, how can college students build their professional development toward entry-level careers?

#college-student #human-resources #professional-development #JULY20

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Ian Apr 23, 2020 747 views

What are some tips on finding internships during this time?

I am interested in #human-resources

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Ian Mar 05, 2019 575 views

How will new technology advance education? #tech

Tech Week Scholarship

#tech #education #edtech

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Ian Mar 05, 2019 680 views

How will new technology affect diversity in the workplace? #tech

Tech Week Scholarship


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Ian Jan 21, 2018 583 views

What timeline should college students plan for when it comes to paying off student loans?

Which type of loan should college students pay off first... unsubsidized or subsidized? Is there a specific timeline to repay student loans? #student-loans

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Ian Jan 21, 2018 740 views

What scholarships or grants are available for Hawaiian ancestry college students in 2018?

Paying for college is nonetheless expensive, with Career Village as a helpful tool to reach out for answers on scholarships or grants for Hawaiian ancestry students is insightful to learn about financial assistant opportunities. #scholarships