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Career Questions tagged Medical Student

Jaszmyne’s Avatar
Jaszmyne Jul 20 166 views

How long does it take to really get your career going after finishing vet school?

I am in community college and will be transferring to a university in two years, just curious on how long it takes to launch your career/finish school.(internship, school, advice, etc.)

Chinonso’s Avatar
Chinonso Feb 24, 2021 526 views

How to find a scholarship to study outside of Nigeria?

#scholarships Nigerian university system is nothing to writing home about recommendations will be appreciated ... #medical-student

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Aug 12, 2016 714 views

What activities should I be participating in in high school to be able to apply for an undergraduate degree used to get into medical school?

I want to be a neurosurgeon and am overwhelmed with the amount of colleges I could apply to for undergrad. I am currently leading two different sections of the robotics team at my school and am thinking about taking summer classes to become an EMT to get hands on-experience in the medical...

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher May 28, 2016 737 views

How should I be during medical school admission interview?

I want to be a doctor. I had apply BSMD . I did not got in. I am not a talkative person and I don't want to be corky during my interview. I felt that is the reason I got rejected from medical school admission. #interviews #medical-student

Caroline M’s Avatar
Caroline M May 20, 2016 621 views

Are there any scholarship, besides the Grand Pell scholarship, that can help me pay my studies, without the use of a student loans?

I am sophomore student at my college in Puerto Rico and I can't find a job to cover my college expenses. I'm planning to enroll in Medical school after I finish my bio-medical science baccalaureate degree and I don't want to start using student loans now, so I can use them in Med school....

Faraz’s Avatar
Faraz Apr 08, 2016 1775 views

Can i do DDS degree after doing 2 years education of DDH? Will i become a dental surgeon after doing these both degrees

I'm a pakistani student and just about to pass my intermediate and i want to become a dentist for that i have to take admission in BDS( bachelor in dentistry) but it is very difficult to take admission in but taking admission in DDH is not that difficult so i decided to take admision in DDH and...

Kay’s Avatar
Kay Apr 21, 2015 1191 views

what are the different careers that you can take up other than becoming a doctor after completing your inter in pre medical science?

i am asking this question because i want to become a doctor but if in the future i cahnge my mind so is it possible to choose a different career even after completing your inter in pre medical science? #teacher #experience #doctorate #medical-student