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What kind of jobs in disability justice are available in Kentucky?

I'm interested in anything from education to legal work to community building. I'm an advocate with experience in the autistic community who's worked with multiple #disability organizations all over the country. #justice #advocacy #nonprofit #kentucky #disabilities #law #social-work

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2 answers

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Lia’s Answer

Hi Megan,

Check out where you are able to Search Current Openings and also Explore Resources:

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Emily’s Answer

Hi Megan,

I am a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, and I work with people with disabilities
all over the country in helping them obtain gainful employment. I would start with
researching Kentucky Protection & Advocacy (
From there, there is a "Resources" link which I think could be a good start to
researching local organizations in Kentucky to network with and potentially also
bookmark for job openings they may have now or in the future.