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How can I keep a work/ life balance within the Counselling/Community services industry?

I am due to start a dual diploma in Counselling and Community services, I am a very people orientated person, however at times I find it hard to "switch off".
Due to varying/changing hours in the industry/PCP/Best care etc I'm just interested in the typicals of when/where/how etc people in the industry take time for themselves/wind down.
Thanks in advance. :) #mentoring #counselling #community-service #disability

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2 answers

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Robin’s Answer

The fact that you see ahead and recognize this issue as a flag is a great indicator that you will be able to plan to manage it! What helps is to learn that when all is said and done:
1. You are human and you cant do everything.

2. You need to meet the client where they are at and support the client/community in doing the work (not doing it yourself).
3. Your job has limits, boundaries and ends.

4. It is healthy to say "no"
5. There are times when you will work more than play, and other times where there is a calm in the storm and you can catch up.
6. Recognize, identify and nurture your personal life (your hobbies like playing soccer, travelling, cooking, etc).

If you do accept your humanity, forgive yourself for not fixing everything, learn to say "no", roll with the punches, and have a life outside of work, you will for sure get eaten up by the underfunded and flawed system that is so desperate for your ethos.

Good luck to you in your new journey!!! It is both beautiful and ugly, satisfying, fulfilling and heartbreaking. And that's what it looks like when we step back and look at life just as it is!

Thank you comment icon Thank you Robin for your thorough insight. I appreciate your honesty on the subject as well as taking your time to respond. :) Mellissa Lindsey
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Gary’s Answer

Good question, I am in a similar situation - I work remotely 100% of the time which makes is hard to switch off sometimes. I try to have a separate work area where I can either close the door or have my work area out of sight when I am relaxing.
Sometimes I also have to 'schedule' my down time...for socializing, working out, etc. and make myself do it and stop working.
Hope this helps...Good luck!

Thank you comment icon Thanks Gary, much appreciated Mellissa Lindsey