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What can someone with a master's degree in special education work as in NY and NJ?

I work with an autistic child in an ABA program. I also tutor children in reading Hebrew. I am almost done my bachelor's degree and am looking to advance my education with a master's degree. I understand that the special education arenas in NY and NJ are different from each other. I live in NY but may move to NJ, so I'd like to make sure a special education degree can be worthwhile education special-education career in both states.

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Maeve’s, Team Answer


When it comes to teaching certification, states like NJ and NY have high reciprocity, which means whatever qualifications you need in one state carry over to the other state fairly easily. I would look into what supports your masters program offers around completing the special education edTPA. If the New York masters program supports you in getting certified through the edTPA, you should easily be able to carry that certification from NY to NJ. Email a counselor from the master's program you are interested in and inquire what types of supports they provide in helping you complete the edTPA.

Thank you so much! SR P.