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What are the pros and cons of special ed homeschooling vs. special ed public school?

Asked Salt Lake City, Utah

I am working on a second bachelors degree in mathematics education. I originally planned to teach junior high. I have a son who was is one-year-old and was just diagnosed with cerebral palsy. I can imagine how much fun it would be to home school and I have/will have lots of resources and experience. However, I know that most schools are also equipped with lots of resources that could be helpful to us as well. I don't have to make this decision for my son for a few years, but it will definitely help me make decisions as I shape my education and future career. Any thoughts would be helpful! #education #special-education

3 answers

Randle’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas

Public schools have far more resources than a home-schooling parent or home-school Co-op, but is less prepared to provide a nurturing environment for your son. For your son, I recommend you fully explore the resources your local public school will be able to provide, look into the resources available from charter schools specializing in special needs students, and comparing these to your resources and the resources of Homeschool Co-ops in your area. Also consider it is not an either / or choice. Consider outside resources plus your own resources.

Dawn’s Answer

Updated East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

You are on the right path! The key thing is to explore everything you can now before your son is old enough to enter school. Because schools are under a lot of pressure financially, they might direct your son to a special education class room when he doesn't need one because he is cognitively capable of functioning in a regular education classroom. In this situation attaining a school advocate at local non-profit may be helpful to ensure he is in the most academically appropriate environment. Charter schools are important to research because some are public while others are private. A public charter schools will provide the same level of testing and support a public school will provide. A private charter school is a company using a typical business model. They receive a certain amount of dollars from the state per child sent to that school and their goal is to ensure they stay in the black each year as much as possible to benefit their funders. This type of school model would most likely not go out of their way to provide for a student that requires more resources for educational equity. Homeschooling is always an option and maybe ideal. The school system should still provide testing to evaluate supportive needs depending on state regulations. I'm sure that Utah's department of education would be able to help you determine this in more depth. Also, there may be a local organization with other families of young children with CP that can connect him with socialization skills. Many people have clubs for kids that are homeschooled where they do activities each week together. I hope this was helpful. Many blessings.

Ricardo’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

The process of learning must be as pleasure as possible (and this includes math of course), then you should try on both and ask your son at the proper time, on which one, he feels is better and loves most.