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What are requirements I would have to meet in order to become an Early Childhood Educator?

I have a experience working in a preschool and it made me see being a teacher in early childhood as a possible career interest for me. #early-childhood-education #preschool #teaching #teacher #working-with-children

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2 answers

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John’s Answer

Hi, Carla: that's fantastic that you are interested in early childhood education! My first job out of college was as a third grade teacher and I really enjoyed it. If you want to teach in a public school there are specific requirements that Massachusetts makes of its new teachers. You can get all the details here:

https://www.teachercertificationdegrees.com/certification/massachusetts/ However, if you are interested in younger kids, you might try this website: https://www.preschoolteacher.org/massachusetts/

Being a teacher has many rewards, but it is also a very challenging. I'm sure you understand all this having worked in preschools already. There are some important questions to ask yourself as you begin planning this career path: do you like to work with small groups, large groups, one-on-one, or all three? How do you like the idea of planning a curriculum for your class? Also, what about discipline? Do you think you can be firm and kind at the same time? It is important to look at all sides, pros and cons, of any profession you choose to pursue.

All this said, I would encourage you to explore your interest in teaching. We need good teachers.

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Martha’s Answer

hey there! I'm from Illinois so the requirements may be a little different t but to be "teacher qualified" you would need at least 30 hours of credits in the ECE credentials from college OR obtain your CDA (child development associate) through the YWCA. It is a 6 month program that allows you to chose from 3 different age groups and is a very interactive course! good luck!

Martha recommends the following next steps:

research local teacher certification programs