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Career Questions tagged Baby Sitting

Shatasia B.’s Avatar
Shatasia B. Sep 07, 2012 1385 views

Do I need to take any specific classes in college to become a babysitter?

I am a sophomore in high school and i am very interested in kids. I need to know how many years it will take and what I need to know. children daycare...


Sharrian J.’s Avatar
Sharrian J. Mar 20, 2012 1395 views

Do I need insurance for a baby-sitting service?

I am a high school student who is looking to start a baby-sitting service. entrepreneurship childcare...


Sharrian J.’s Avatar
Sharrian J. Mar 01, 2012 2628 views

Baby-sitting service.

how can i get parent to let me look at they kids. and what should be price if i am helping the with they home work education service...