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Samuel F. Aug 29, 2018 239 views

What types of jobs are the best to start getting experince?

I am getting ready to apply for my first job, I just want to know what places are the best to go, so I can get the best experience for my field. #anyone...


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Evelynn O. Aug 29, 2018 1704 views

What's the difference between Biomedical Engineering, Bioengineering, and Biomechanical Engineering?

I am currently majoring in Biomedical Engineering, however I see these other terms thrown around all the time. I'd like to know if there is a difference or if these terms are simply synonyms. Thanks! #general #anyone #professors #health...


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Tamarious T. Aug 26, 2018 175 views

What web-sites should I go to to look for scholarships?

I’m a high school senior and I would love to start applying for scholarships. I just don’t know where to start or what web-sites to look on. #scholarships...


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Brenden S. Feb 08, 2017 465 views

How much does a construction company owner make?

I would like to know for my future for my company #anyone #construction...


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Allison S. Oct 27, 2016 965 views
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Mamie R. Oct 28, 2016 1236 views

When choosing a career which is more important, interest or benefits?

i know it is important to pursue a career in something you love and find genuine interest in. However, with the way the economy is now a days, it is more important to choose a career based on the benefits and salary. Can you sacrifice not making any money to have a career you enjoy? Can you...

#financial-planning #anyone

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billy B. May 30, 2017 491 views

How to become a firefighter after 4 years in the Marines in the bay area?

What do i need to do and what can help me become a firefighter after the Marines #anyone #career-details...


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Jack C. Apr 03, 2017 1255 views

What electives should I take if I want to be a commercial pilot for a big company like Delta, AA, etc. somewhere in the future?

I am in 8th grade and I want to be a commercial pilot. My choice for electives are coming up and I want some advice from someone on which electives I should take. At the moment, I am in the level 1 (advanced) classes for both English and Algebra 1. I will be taking Geometry Honors next year as...

#aircraft-maintenance #airplane #anyone #commercial-aviation #airline-pilot #air-force #airplane-pilot #commercial-pilot

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KImberly S. Mar 08, 2017 397 views

What is the best college/university to graduate as a teacher?

I am im high school and want to start applying for colleges or university...


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Gion Konrad R. Mar 02, 2017 966 views

Is it possible to have 2 careers at the same time?

i want to pursue both architect and a game a game developer or a programmer , mostly i have been studying different kinds of programming language for the past years and also theres something inside me that wanting to be an architect for 2 years now. yes. i have been studying about architecture...

#architecture #programming #anyone #buisness

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Shardae M. Feb 14, 2017 516 views

What are your long range and short range goals and objectives, when and why did you establish these goals and how are you preparing yourself to achieve them?

Because some teenagers don't know what they are trying to reach or accomplish....


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Gena S. Feb 10, 2017 351 views

Writing or journalism

I love writing about romance and whatever pops in my head like free writing but I don't know what major that is so I can start looking at colleges cause I have to start applying in a few months. I need help. I don't know if the major is journalism or what. Please help...


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Erika S. Jan 21, 2017 393 views

What jobs are hiring ?

I need a job been looking for a job for to long now...


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Chloe W. Oct 31, 2016 380 views

Is there any sort of STEM work that can be done while still in college?

I am soon to be in college, and would like to know....


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Marlee H. Oct 30, 2016 599 views

As an introvert how do I prepare to live in dorm with strangers?

It is difficult to talk to new people #history #anyone #with...


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Aaron T. Oct 28, 2016 408 views

Can anyone give me advice on seeking easy and effective methods for obtaining scholarships?

I want to know more efficent ways to build money saving, loan free, scholarships....


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Jenny S. Oct 27, 2016 432 views

Is the University of New Haven the best forensics college?

I'm looking into different colleges that offer my major. #professional #forensics #anyone #the...


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Deshona R. Oct 26, 2016 406 views

The college you have chosen for your career path, did it fit exactly as you hope for?

As a highschool senior this year and it's coming down almost to graduation,I really don't know what to expect out of a college. For example, is it going to help me with my future plans and better prepare me for the world with internships and more....


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cynthia M. Oct 24, 2016 490 views

What kinds of jobs would be most beneficial in the career category of computer science?

list some jobs with the highest pay, that are most beneficial and won't require an unstable scedule, and will be a helpful and necessary career to others (i.e. a market that hasn't been filled and would help people). #anyone #to #has #opinion #good #that...


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Rotchil C. Oct 21, 2016 492 views

Information technology

I want to go to college and i don't know what to do about what i want to study in.I just need some help to know what class i should take and is there any requirements that i need for that major. #technology #information-technology...


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AnnaLyssia A. Oct 21, 2016 382 views

What kinds of jobs are available for a biology major?

I'm really interested in biology and would like to major in it when I got to college. The only problem is that I'm not too sure what to do after college, job wise....


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Gabrielle M. Sep 19, 2016 511 views

What is the best way to apply for an internship? How long through my college career should I wait before doing so?

I am pursuing a job in the field of Social Work and I was just curious about the internship process....