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Career Questions tagged Nanotechnology

A’s Avatar
A Jun 22, 2021 205 views

I want to pursue nanotech for my higher studies.. help me. I'm now a student.

I want to be an Nanotechnologist but don't know how to go through.. #engineer

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Jan 15, 2021 1049 views

Getting into Biotech without Biotech related degree

I am a Psychology major graduating in Spring of 2022 and heavily considering getting my MBA after graduation. I discovered recently that I would like to work in business for a medical research/ biotech company in hopes of starting my own one day. But I am not sure if getting in this industry is...

Bayan’s Avatar
Bayan Jul 18, 2020 278 views

Advice for entering new field

I am a graduate of Medical Laboratory Science program and my interest in nanobiotechnology but I don't have experience yet. Do you recommend to do a postgraduate degree in nanotechnology or get experience first in the medical lab field? and what kind of entry level role? #july20 #postgraduate...

Evelynn’s Avatar
Evelynn Aug 29, 2018 5178 views

What's the difference between Biomedical Engineering, Bioengineering, and Biomechanical Engineering?

I am currently majoring in Biomedical Engineering, however I see these other terms thrown around all the time. I'd like to know if there is a difference or if these terms are simply synonyms. Thanks! #general #anyone #professors #health #nanotechnology

Emilee’s Avatar
Emilee Jan 23, 2018 483 views

How should I deal with discrimination in the work place?

I am a 17 year old senior female soon going for my bachelors in materials science and my top choice for college is highly male dominated (87% male). Giving STEMs track record, I’ll likely face discrimination because of my gender and I’d like insight on how to deal with discrimination while...

Cheysen’s Avatar
Cheysen Jan 16, 2018 456 views

What is the best pathway towards the nanotechnology field?

Since thereʻs no specific nanotechnology major, Iʻm wondering what could be the best majors and classes that provide the best chance for preparing me for the nanotechnology field. #nanotechnology #technology #engineering #stem #college #college-major

Cheysen’s Avatar
Cheysen Jan 16, 2018 1452 views

Is nanotechnology a good field to go into?

Since Iʻm interested in science and technology and nanotechnology peaked my interest, I was wondering, is the nanotechnology field a good career path to follow? #technology #nanotechnology #science #stem #engineering

dennis’s Avatar
dennis Feb 02, 2017 761 views

nanotechnology bachelors-careers in usa

i want to pursue nanotechnology bachelors in usa,i have 10thousand us dollars,how to approach this impossible dream ? #electrical-engineering #nanotechnology #electro-mechanical #automotive-electronics #nanotechnologist #nanofabrication #nanomaterials #nanotech

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Oct 29, 2016 686 views

How does one manipulate the behavior of nano particles?

In my nano science class, we are learning about the behavior of nano particles and how their behavior at the nano scale can have huge effects at the macro scale. I was wondering exactly how does one manipulate the nano particle itself. An example of it would a perfect explanation. #nanotechnology

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Oct 29, 2016 599 views

How popular is the Nanoscience field of study?

I am currently taking a nano science class and it has intrigued me in a way. My teacher says it's somewhat of a new study and there is still much to learn about it. She explained how not many people are entering this field of study and she is encouraging us to study nano science. I was...

Spencer’s Avatar
Spencer May 19, 2016 758 views

What college has the best NanoTech program? and do you think that would be a good major?

I'm asking because i think NanoTech seems like an interesting field but i'm not sure if it would be a good major and is it a growing field? #technology #major #nanotechnology