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Career Questions tagged Automotive Electronics

jesus’s Avatar
jesus Oct 20, 2017 741 views

Where is a good place to start training for auto mechanics?

i am asking this question because i am really interested in the career thank you.
#auto-mechanic #automotive #automotive-electronics

dennis’s Avatar
dennis Feb 02, 2017 758 views

nanotechnology bachelors-careers in usa

i want to pursue nanotechnology bachelors in usa,i have 10thousand us dollars,how to approach this impossible dream ? #electrical-engineering #nanotechnology #electro-mechanical #automotive-electronics #nanotechnologist #nanofabrication #nanomaterials #nanotech

Jake’s Avatar
Jake Oct 29, 2016 4254 views

How does an Electrical Engineer work on cars?

What is the typical job/daily routine of a Electrical Engineer working at an automotive company such as Tesla? What kind of experience would be required in order to prosper in this specific field of study and work? Is this an attainable goal? #electrical-engineering #cars #automotive-electronics

Keegan’s Avatar
Keegan May 16, 2016 920 views

How viable of an option is it to work in the hyper-car industry?

Hi! My name's Keegan and I'll be attending Tulane University in the fall. I'm interested in the automotive engineering industry and plan on completing a 3 + 2 year program where I obtain a BS in physics from Tulane in 3 years and then a BE in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins or...