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Where is a good place to start training for auto mechanics?

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i am asking this question because i am really interested in the career thank you.
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4 answers

Steve’s Answer


I was a GM mechanic for 8 years and did a lot of side work on AG equipment, like excavators, farm equipment and tractors. In my experience a trade school or technical college is a great way to learn the basics of the job. Id search schools that offer the the courses you'd like to start your career, see if they offer placement services once you graduate. Getting certified as an ASE mechanic will open more doors for you than not. School will teach you just the basics of the trade and most employers are looking for experience.

Steve recommends the following next steps:

  • To help sell yourself to future employers and to fast track your skills i'd recommended doing what it did. start small while going to school, look for small companies or one man shops in your area. ask if they need or are looking for help. Learn by doing and by those already making a living off of it. I learned everything i know about mechanic from what i learned by doing in that small one man shop. I went to school afterwards to get certified and to continue my education. Anyways, I hope this helps. we need more people like you turning wrenches. (p.s. big brand name tools aren't always the best tools, they just cost more)

Richard’s Answer


Whatever you have around your house under adult supervision like a lawn mower is good or your parents car. If you have a parent or caregiver who does their own routine maintenance like air filters, brakes, oil changes, etc., I would highly recommend starting here. My dad and I did brakes, universal joints, batteries, water pumps, and more. I then worked for an auto parts store where they paid for my ASE certification.

If the above examples have interested you or you have done some of them already and want to continue your automotive career, I highly recommend getting with a local technical school for more information and classes. UTI (universal technical institute) comes to mind of a leading school that prepared you for everything from diesel to marine, and even specialized courses for companies like Mercedes-Benz and more.

If it's your passion, don't let anyone steer you from your dream! Go get it!

Shawn’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

Hi Jesus,

I did and would recommend the following:

1) Get a part-time job if you can at an auto-shop while in high school.

2) Apply to one or more automotive technical institutes. I went to WTI(Wyoming Technical Institute).

3) Ask about scholarships, grants and student loan options.

4) I'd recommend going to a tech school that also offers a management program after the auto-mechanics portion. You may not be interested in management at this point, but after working as an auto-tech for a few years, you may change your mind.

5) After or during your tech school education, become ASE certified.

Corona’s Answer

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My brother was a car mechanic, and he actually started by working for other car mechanics in the area as an assistant when he was a teenager. The hands on work experience really helped him.

The next step is to get certified. Here is a website that describes the types of certifications available as well as the requirements for obtaining them: https://www.auto.edu/blog/what-are-the-best-certifications-for-auto-mechanics/