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Advice for entering new field

I am a graduate of Medical Laboratory Science program and my interest in nanobiotechnology but I don't have experience yet. Do you recommend to do a postgraduate degree in nanotechnology or get experience first in the medical lab field? and what kind of entry level role?
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2 answers

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Ivy’s Answer

Hi Bayan,

Hope you are good. I would recommend to get a little experience in the medical lab. You will meet people that will guide you in pursuing your path in nanotechnology. There also a good chance that you will meet someone who would be an expert on that field and could even mentor you.

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Natasha’s Answer

Talk with your recent teachers/professors to understand if they are aware of training, apprenticeships/internships or fellowships that would provide you with some work exposure in your chosen field. Talk with your parents to assess whether they have professional colleagues who could talk with you about this career path.

Find out whether there are sponsored scholarships or grants that encourage bright students to study STEM in your region. Talk with the staff at your school's career development whose mission it is to connect students and alumni to the relevant resources beyond graduation.

Visit the websites of research journals that indicate the trends, sub-sectors and needed talent in nanotechnology.

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