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What's the best subject in college base on your idea?

I am Jaden I will be graduating the 4th of June and will like to attend Miami Dade college anyone

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4 answers

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Jay’s Answer


Deciding on which subject and major to focus on can be a bit stressful. It will all depend on where your interests lie, and there is no one way to get there.

I would recommend that you take as wide a variety of classes in your first two years as you can. This will help in completing your required general education classes, but it will also give you a variety of different subjects to see what interests you. As you experience more classes, you will find subjects that will interest you and help guide you to your evemtual career.

Best of luck
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Baskaran’s Answer

There are a quiet huge number of best subjects, to boil it down further "best subject" is subjective.
I would like to give my take on best subject considering the job opportunities in the current scenario. It is DATA ANALYSIS that I believe is the hot talent need of the decade and is expected to grow in future too. We are in an era of data and we generate huge data as we live our life and data analysis helps us to get useful information out of all the data that we have. Businesses like E-commerce, medicine etc use data analysis to understand & serve their customers well.
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Lucie’s Answer

If you really have no clue on what to study, I would start with engineering. You can "never" go wrong with engineering, or better phrased, you can go to many places with an engineering degree. Of course that's if you want to be in business.
If you are looking for a specific career such as lawyer, doctor, veterinarian, etc. you probably need to take a specific degree/school to get you there.

My answer is about getting your options as open as possible until you figure out what you want to specialize in.

Hope this helps,
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Neha’s Answer

The best subject is what you are interested in. Anything else will be forced learning, and you will never succeed because you are not naturally inclined towards it.
Also, the answer is very subjective based on different fields. For ex. in computer science, AI & data analysis are hottest.