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Kaylee H. Oct 17, 2018 228 views

What is the best way to prepare for studying abroad in Spain for a full semester?

My desire to study abroad stems from wanting to learn the language of Spanish, to travel and see the sights, to re-model myself to see new approaches of lifestyles and to develop and make personal growth with lifetime memories. I might be intimidated to let go of my normal day to day routine as...

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Diana S. Mar 19, 2018 204 views

I am studying abroad this summer in Valencia, Spain and was wondering what are some of the best ways to integrate myself into the culture?

I want to get the most out of studying abroad because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. However, I am nervous that I am going to be too shy to talk to the people there. #spain #study-abroad...


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Misael Z. Mar 14, 2018 180 views

Study Abroad studying a double-major in Music Performance and Business Administration?

I want to become a Property Manager but also I have been playing the clarinet for 9 years and I have filled a decent musical curriculum attending to music festivals, summer camps, playing in various ensembles; advanced orchestras, symphonic bands, professional orchestras, etc. My main goal is...

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