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I currently switched my major from Dietetics to Public Relations/Business Administration (minor), I would like to receive some insight on how well the PR career has been for you and if it's a rewarding career - soul fulfilling and money wise?

I recently changed my major to Public Relations and I would like to know more about the career and people who are working in that field. #public-relations #journalism #business-administration #college-major #relationship-management #communications

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Simple answer is that it's a job like any other job. Now that I've shown my cynical side let me tell you that you will get out sanctification is you do something you like. I've found satisfaction working with the most unusual PR jobs. The ones I never thought I would. The ones I thought I would love have been the ones I've been burned out on. I've also found satisfaction in that. Lastly I would say don't change the almighty dollar. It's better to make $10 happy than $20 miserable.

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Hi Yanet, I have to say that it would very much depend on what area of business you were working. I personally love what I do and while it isn't hugely well paid, I have a lot of satisfaction in what I do day to day. The people I work with really believe in what we do (education) and while we could probably make more in other businesses, most of us stay because of our commitment of our core goals.
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Hi Yanet, Pay in PR is determined by what, how and where you practice it. I have been fairly happy with my compensation, As to fulfullment, that is a little trickier. Sometimes you have to find the opportunities in your work that provide food for the soul. Working with charities, making a difference in the community, etc., may not be part of what your company/firm does. If not, you may have to stretch a little further to find that joy, but you can do it. We are all in charge of our careers and what we get from them. The rewards we reap are limited only by our motivation to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Good luck -- do something fantastic! Barb
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